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December 13, 2019 by Patty R
“our labels came out better than we had expected and look great”
October 23, 2021 by HeatherH
“They didn’t turn out at all how I expected and the file review process isn’t good. I wasn’t able to see an example of what the metallic would look like before approving the proof because of their process. I used a pink color for the metallic background to give it a rose gold look but they arrived looking silver. I won’t order these again because the Next Day Flyers process doesn’t work for this item. I needed to be able to see a mock-up of what the labels would look like with the metallic background in the color I chose. I’m going to request a refund.”

Get Flashy and Shiny With Custom Metallic Labels

If you want to stand out from the rest, it’s time to turn up the shine. Metallic print labels get the attention your product deserves. These custom labels sparkle and shine brightly under the light.

Use them as product labels, fancy address labels, name badges, stick-on holiday tags, or window stickers. The captivating and upscale look of your metallic print labels will make anyone take a second glance.

Order metallic print labels from NextDayFlyers today. It’s easy to customize labels on our website. Upload your artwork file to get started and we can even proof your file for free to make sure it’s print-ready.

Behind the Scenes With Metallic Print Labels

Away from the glitz and glamour, metallic labels go through a simple printing process that involves these four elements:

  1. Substrate: A durable 70 lb. white sticker stock is used as the base. An easy to peel liner makes sticking your labels effortless.
  2. Silver Foil: A layer of silver foil is applied to the base.
  3. CMYK Ink: Then CMYK ink is printed on top of the silver foil.
  4. UV Coating: A high-gloss UV coating finishes off the process. This coat covers the whole label’s surface, and makes your metallic accents shine more. It also lends a smooth finish that feels like polished metal.

Pro-Tip: You can make any color you can think of turn metallic with this printing process. You can even do metallic gradients for a unique twist.

Shape Your Way to Better Labeling

Custom metallic labels come in various sizes that range from 1.5” x 3.5” to 6” x 9”, including the very popular 2”x 2” size.

  • Rectangle Labels are great for marking bottles and containers since they wrap nicely around them. The wider area also means you can add more text or graphics about your product.
  • Square Labels are great when you want your product to stand out from the rest. This is also perfect for marking items with a narrower width. The shape is a great backdrop to highlight your logo too.

Pro-Tip: Turn your square labels sideways to make it a diamond-shaped label.

Push Your Labels to the Limit

Creating the most effective labels for your brand or product is easy if you follow these simple tips:

  • Focus on color and type. Choose a typeface that is easy to read from any distance. Make sure your colors contrast well with metallic accents.
  • Mind your product. Keep the container and product in mind when you design your metallic print label. Check if your label fits smoothly on the surface and also complements the container’s shape.
  • Put your brand in the spotlight. Make your label design distinct and representative of your brand, product, or application.

Creating your custom metallic labels is easy with NextDayFlyers’ fast and high-quality label printing. Just upload your ready-made artwork to our website. You can also use our professional design service to help make metallic labels for your needs. Start designing today.

How to Prepare Your Metallic Sticker Design File

Use these design guidelines to create an effective metallic design:

  • Font size should be above 12 points.
  • Use Sans Serif fonts for readability.
  • The metallic shine is most evident in lighter colors. It will be less obvious in darker colors.
  • The mask and CMYK design file should match one another. Make sure each layer’s respective elements align with the other version of the design.

To prepare your file for metallic printing, take note of the following reminders:

You need to submit a file with two layers. For metallic printing orders: the standard CMYK layer and the silver foil mask layer.

The mask layer should show where the metallic printing will be applied. Mark the metallic area with 100% K or black and then render the non-metallic parts in white.

For example, the images below show that the logo in black will be metallic, while the white background is the non-metallic section.

A normal CMYK layer


A layer for silver foil


The final printed product


How will my labels be delivered to me?
Metallic labels are cut individually and stacked in a box when it's shipped to you.

How soon can you deliver metallic labels?
This depends on your location. You can check the order calculator by adding your ZIP code to generate estimated delivery dates and shipping costs.

Are your metallic print labels waterproof?
While the high-gloss UV coating of our labels provides some protection against moisture, our custom metallic labels are not waterproof.

How do I get my design proofed for free?
We offer complimentary file checks to make sure your design is printed correctly and according to technical guidelines. On the product page, after selecting the printing and delivery options, just click Start With Free Proof in the Upload Artwork section.

What is foil printing and how is it different from metallic printing?
Metallic prints use actual ink, which is why you can design in any color and even print in gradients. Our metallic printing services extend to stickers, postcards, business cards, flyers, and more.

Foil stamping, as the name suggests, entails “stamping” the foil onto the paper after printing using heat and pressure. With foil stamping, you can only choose from a few color options such as gold, silver, and copper. If you’re interested in our foil printing, check out business cards, bookmarks, and hang tags.


Skye 4 years ago
Thank you for your question! White vinyl sticker paper is durable as that’s water resistant and UV coated. If you'll be using your printed die-cut stickers outdoors, select white vinyl sticker paper and you can click on "Die-cutting" to check the available shapes for the size you need. Note that "All Rounded Corners" is a rectangle with 1/8" radius round corners on the pricing calculator. You can submit a quote request here:
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