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Business Cards to Boost That First Impression

Print custom business cards that reflect your first-rate business in an authentic way. Business cards leave a lasting impression with every business introduction you make. They’re an extension of you as a professional and distinguish your business from the competition.

NextDayFlyers offers fast and affordable business card printing. We have a wide range of styles and customization options that will represent your business with excellence. Whether you want something sleek and professional, fun and colorful, or clean and minimalist, our custom business cards come in various shapes, sizes, and materials you can easily personalize to suit your style.

Upload your own design and get a free file proof from our printing experts. If you don’t have a design yet, we also have free design templates you can easily edit using our online tool.

Print business cards today and we can have your order ready for shipping as quick as one (1) business day.

How to Design Your Business Cards

You can design custom business cards in three different ways at NextDayFlyers. Here’s how!

If you are…

Starting from scratch: Use our online design tool

Designing is a breeze with our built-in tool – yes, even if you have no background or professional experience. It’s filled with features to help you create a standout business card that reflect your personality. Insert text, add shapes, upload your own images, change the background color, and more! There’s even a 3D preview so you can check your progress from all angles in real time.

In need of inspiration: Customize our templates

We have over 500 business card design templates that you can easily tweak to suit your preferences. They all come in different styles too – floral, minimalist, modern, and corporate are just a few. Want to try something different? Try going vertical!

Ready to go: Upload your own design

If you’ve already done the design work using an external software, share it with us and we’ll take care of the rest! Our prepress team will inspect your file before printing to ensure that the finished product looks just as you imagined. You can also download our blank business card templates so the design perfectly fits your chosen dimensions. You can find these in the Templates tab.

Unique Ways to Use Business Cards for Marketing

Affordable and versatile, the business card is a very handy tool for businesses. It's always handy to have a couple with you, especially if you're meeting with clients or attending trade shows.

In lieu of a traditional and conservative design for your business cards, you can make creative designs that will help your marketing. We have a couple of ideas below that you can apply when you create your own business card design.

For Appointments

You can use business cards as an appointment reminder for your clients. Aside from listing the ways they could reach you; you're also keeping them abreast of any upcoming appointment or meeting that you have with them. Customize your business cards to include a space for scribbling appointment details.

Business Cards as Flyers

A good way for your business to get repeat customers is by including business cards in every bag or package that you send your customers. Other than your contact information, you can also include upcoming sales promotions and exciting facts about your business in the card design.

For Referrals

To get new customers, consider including a non-cash incentive like a referral in your business cards. Hand out these cards to your customers to give their friends and family members. New customers can use these cards to get discounts on first-time purchases.

To encourage your existing customers to share your referral business cards, you can give them a discount or a freebie when they bring in a successful referral.

Include a Coupon or Discount Code

Besides including referral perks to your business cards, you can also add discount coupons. Indicate that the discount can be used on the customer's next purchase, guaranteeing a return from them if they enjoyed the products or services they bought from you.

For Raffles

If you're running a raffle, using business cards as tickets will be like hitting two birds with one stone. Other than establishing a connection with customers, it will also be easier for winners to get in touch with you if they pull the winning card.

Business Information

The business card can also be a platform for people to learn about your business. Include short bits of information about your company or the value proposition of your products. You can also add a calendar of upcoming promotions and events. This makes it easier for customers to keep track of the activities that they might take an interest in (e.g., open-box sales, concerts, fun runs, etc.).

Exclusive Tickets

Your business cards can also double as tickets to exclusive events that your business is holding. Besides your contact information, include all the pertinent details of the event like the venue, time, and date. Make the design of the business card creative and keep it on theme to further entice your customers to come.

Get high-quality business cards printed the right way at NextDayFlyers. We understand the fast-paced and often unpredictable nature of business, so we will do our utmost to help you meet tight deadlines for marketing materials.

Fast printing for NextDayFlyers does not mean sloppy and cheap-looking business cards for your company. We only use high-quality materials for our prints, resulting in durable products that will show your brand only at its best. You can count on us to fulfill your orders, regardless of quantity, on time.

Print Your Business Cards With NextDayFlyers

Full customization. It’s easy to personalize print products with your own logo, message, and design. You can choose your product size, shape, material, and other printing specifications with our order calculator.

Free sample kit. Not sure what to order? You can request a free sample kit which includes printouts of our available paper stocks and coatings. By ordering our sample kit, you can compare various materials and coatings to give you an idea of how your final printed piece will look before ordering.

Flexible printing that meets your deadlines. Most of our products are ready for shipping on the same day or in just 24 hours! We offer rush printing, so you don’t lose time promoting your business.

Business Cards That Fully Represent Your Brand

All our business cards are produced in full color and printed on thick premium cardstock.

You can customize standard business cards with a variety of print options, including adding protective high gloss UV, gloss, and matte on one or both sides.

For a creative spin, we offer business cards in custom shapes:

  • Rounded corners are a subtle, stylish way to grab attention.
  • Slim is perfect for minimalist designs with its sleek and compact size.
  • Folded provides extra space to get your message across.
  • Half-circle side gets noticed for its unique shape: square shape with rounded corners on one side and half circle on the other.
  • Square adds a modern twist on the classic business card
  • Round captures attention and highlights logos beautifully.
  • Oval is a unique shape that stands out.
  • Leaf is an eco-friendly shape that suits green brands.

Elevate your image with our premium business cards:

  • Foil gives simple designs a lavish look with a metallic finish.
  • Spot UV makes your logo and other important details shine.
  • Raised Spot UV brings your logo or image to life with a raised glossy texture.
  • Metallic adds dazzling foil highlights to any color for a luxurious shine.
  • Plastic impresses with its durability and futuristic feel.
  • Painted Edge doubles the impact with its thickness and colorful edges.
  • Silk is a durable, elegant laminate with a smooth, luxurious finish.
  • Velvet Soft Touch adds a sophisticated, refined finish that suits high-end designs.

Set your business apart from the competition. Create distinctive and eye-catching business cards. Order now for fast printing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Cards

Are your business cards waterproof?
If you need something waterproof, we suggest ordering plastic business cards. Other business cards can be covered in protective glossy and matte coating to resist moisture, but they won’t be completely waterproof.

What’s the difference between the materials for plastic business cards?
We offer plastic business cards in three different styles: transparent, frosted, and white. The clear finish of transparent plastic emphasizes your company logo and information. With frosted plastic, the glass-like translucent finish lets colors stand out from the background. If you want to use a bold background color, go with white plastic.

Can I order plastic business cards without rounded corners?
All our plastic business cards come with rounded corners to prevent accidents. Since we use 20 pt. plastic which is just a slightly thinner than a credit card, a plastic business card with sharp corners can snag on clothing and cause injuries.

What is the difference between foil business cards and metallic business cards?
Foil business cards are printed on uncoated cardstock, where the foil is bonded to the surface using heat. Foil options come in gold, silver, and copper. Metallic business cards use ink mixed with metallic particles, so you can choose any color you want. We also use glossy cardstock that emphasizes the metallic sheen of your designs.

What is the size difference between a standard and a slim business card?
Standard business cards are 2” x 3.5” by default since this is the standard size for US business cards. Slim business cards are a bit thinner at 1.75” x 3.5”.

Can I write on my business cards?
Yes, you can write on uncoated cardstock. You can select this coating option on the order calculator after choosing your preferred cardstock thickness.

If I add a special finish to my custom card like foil accents or embossed gloss, will it be applied to both sides?
It depends on your style! You can choose to apply the special finish in front only or on both sides.

Do you offer holders or cases for business cards?
No, we only produce the business cards without the holders.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
It depends on the business card style. You can check the delivery estimate in the product calculator. Click “Delivery Estimate” below the “Upload Your File” button and enter your ZIP code.

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