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October 8, 2017 by Elenny
January 7, 2017 by FrankieD
“Bought 100 labels for my beer and was not sure what I really wanted. Started with a white square and included a photoshop pic... came out pretty good and I need to tweet my product. Need to work with this company to get a label shape other than the basic square and they will do that effort. Will be ordering 1000 more for next batch. Thanks!”
August 21, 2016 by Pivo
“The labels and service was the greatest. I simply scanned the image and emailed. A few days later I had the labels in hand. The only drawback is FED EX is the only method of shipping. First class mail is not an option. Booo”
January 30, 2020 by Dinetta
“I purchased the labels about 1 week 1/2 ago and i needed them for my custom energy drink pouches and when i I tell u they made my presentation look awful i believe i should get my money back or get a do over. I purchased my labels previously from uprinting and not once did my labels peel im very disappointed”

Brand Your Brews With Custom Beer Labels

Whether you are planning to give your friends and relatives your craft beer or build your own homemade brewing company, create a more personalized product with our beer labels.

Choosing beer used to be easy. Now, with countless breweries and homegrown brands popping up, how does a beer brand stand out? The taste of your product is always important, but design and packaging matter just as much. The more loyal beer drinkers you attract, the more your bottle gets recognized—and you want a great logo and label to distinguish your brand.

Create winning labels that attract attention and entice customers to try your product. At NextDayFlyers, we offer a wide range of options to fit your beer bottle preferences. Choose between two types: cut-to-size beer labels for individually cut labels or roll beer labels for easier application. Our self-adhesive beer label backing can stick to any smooth surface and withstand extreme temperatures.

Customize your beer labels in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit your design. Upload your artwork file now to get started. If you don’t have a design yet, we also offer customizable designs you can edit online and free print templates to help you set up your file. We guarantee satisfaction with every print product, so our printing experts are also available to check your file for free before we proceed with production.

Print beer labels today and we can have them ready for shipping in just a few business days.

How to Create the Perfect Beer Label

The perfect beer label doesn’t only enhance the appeal of your packaging but also comes with all the necessary information. From label requirements set by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB) to the design elements that can help boost your branding, you need to make sure that these details are included in your labels. Here’s a quick overview of the important things that you need on your beer labels:

Brand Name
This is the name you use to market your product, so it only makes sense that it is displayed prominently on your beer label. The design of the brand name is often the logo and one of the first things that you need to conceptualize especially if you are planning to sell your homemade beer.

Type of Beer
It’s also important to let your customers know the type of beer you are selling whether it’s an ale, a lager, or your very own homebrewed IPA. Although different beers have different colors, your customers may not find it easy to distinguish them, especially with dark amber bottles.

Alcohol Content
It’s not required but including alcohol content on your beer labels is always a good idea. It’s a way to inform your customers how strong your beer is just by looking at the ABV (alcohol by volume).

Company Name and Address
Similar to other products, you need to provide the company name and address on your beer labels. If you are the producer or bottler, make sure that you also indicate that clearly on the labels.

Net Contents
Your beer labels must contain the net content of your beer (e.g., pints or fluid ounces).

Lite, Light, or Low Carb
Using terms such as “lite” or “light” on your beer labels are allowed, but it must also include the number of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. “Low carb”, on the other hand, can only be used if your beer contains 7 grams or below of carbs per 12 oz. serving.

Mandatory Health Warning and Statements
This is required by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB) for any alcoholic beverage that is for sale or distribution in the US and intended for human consumption. To check specific beer label warning statements, we recommend reviewing guidelines set by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB).

Beer Labels FAQs

How soon can I receive my beer labels?
This depends on your printing turnaround time and preferred shipping option. You can use the order calculator to get an estimated delivery date. Just select your product specs, preferred printing turnaround option, and ZIP code.

What is the best material for beer labels?
We recommend BOPP material for beer labels. It’s the most popular choice for food products because it is oil-resistant, waterproof, and refrigerator-safe. White vinyl is also a good option because it’s durable and waterproof.

How do I design beer labels online?
It’s easy to design labels on the website. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Select your preferred product specs on the order calculator. After, click Create Your Design Online.

Step 2. You can choose from dozens of customizable design templates or select a blank canvas. Click Customize on your preferred option.

Step 3. Use the design toolbar to upload your own logo and images, add shapes, and change text and colors. When you’re done, click Save and Proceed to Order to follow the rest of the checkout process.

How do I get a free file proof?
This complimentary service is available when you upload your own design. On the product page, click Upload Your File and select I Need a PDF Proof. Our prepress team will create a PDF proof and email you as soon as it is ready for you to review.

Can I order die-cut shaped labels?
Yes. You can print custom shaped labels when you select roll labels. Choose Custom from the Shape dropdown options, then indicate the height and width of your design. This feature lets you create any design, and we’ll trim the label according to its exact shape.


John 4 years ago
Vanne 4 years ago
We definitely offer waterproof options for this! If you are ordering individually cut labels, you can select "White Vinyl Sticker" as the material. If you are ordering roll stickers, you can select any of the "BOPP" materials.
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