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Sticker Sheet Printing: Stackable Sheets for Easy Storage

Have fun with sticker sheets and print multiple designs on one page. If you need stickers for your business but you’re unsure about which kind to order, start with sticker sheets. They’re easy to peel off and apply like roll stickers and you don’t need to order a large quantity to get started like individually cut stickers.

Print sticker sheets at NextDayFlyers and they’ll be ready for shipping in a flash. Basic-shaped sticker sheets can be produced as fast as the next business day, while custom-shaped sheets take three business days.

There are many ways sticker sheets are the right choice for your business. Handling individually cut stickers can be a challenge to store especially in mass quantities, while roll stickers may take up more room than you’re willing to spare. If you need manageable stacks of stickers, sticker sheet printing is the solution. Sheet stickers are the ideal labeling solution for asset tracking in warehouse and office settings.

You can print sticker sheets and use them as child safety and shipping labels. Sticker sheet printing is also popular for return address labels, envelope seals, and even name tags.

Because you can print multiple designs per sheet, sticker sheets works great for promotions and event marketing. Print different versions of your logo, company slogans, or anything you want! Print stickers as packaging slips, product freebies, and party giveaways. We guarantee your customer’s faces will light up as soon as they see all the sticker options they can choose from.

Custom Sticker Sheet Options

Sticker sheets are available in four standard sizes. We also print custom sticker sheets up to a maximum size of 8.5” x 11”. You can print the same design or a variety of stickers on a single sheet. Unlike individually cut or cut-to-size stickers, we only cut through the front of the sheet and leave the backing intact. This allows you to peel the stickers off the sheet individually.

We require allocating some space between designs on a sticker sheet. You can fit as many designs as you want, as long as there is a 0.25" space and each sticker design is at least 1" x 1" in size. For a clearer reference, see the examples below:

4" x 6" sticker sheet

Sticker size Number of stickers on a sheet
1" x 1" 8 stickers
2" x 2" 2 stickers
3" x 3" 1 sticker

8.5" x 11" sticker sheet

Sticker size Number of stickers on a sheet
1" x 1" 48 stickers
2" x 2" 12 stickers
3" x 3" 6 stickers
4" x 4" 2 stickers

For sticker sheets with standard shapes, we use white paper sticker material. It is suitable for indoor use and comes with a permanent, all-purpose adhesive. You have the option of adding a high-gloss finish on the stickers or leaving them uncoated. Having an uncoated surface makes the stickers writable with ballpoint pen ink. We don’t recommend writing on high-gloss surfaces.

Standard shape sticker sheets are ideal for multiples of the same design. This is popular for shipping and return addresses. On the other hand, custom shaped sticker sheets are recommended for a combination of different shapes and sizes to maximize the whole sheet.

Our custom shape sticker sheet printing uses two materials you can choose from. 70 lb. label is our most popular indoor material. This adhesive comes with an uncoated, semi-gloss surface which works well for stickers you can write on like name tags and return address labels. Add gloss coating for protection against scuffs and scratches, and to boost your design’s color and saturation. For more rugged applications, we recommend using white vinyl sticker. It is our thickest and most durable material. It is waterproof and UV-coated, making it perfect for outdoor use. The coating adds resistance to scratches and minimizes fading from sunlight exposure.

Print stickers at NextDayFlyers today. We guarantee fast, high-quality sticker printing. Upload your ready-made file or use our professional design service to help you get started. If you have questions, just give us a call at 855-898-9870, Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT and our customer service team will assist you.

Sticker Sheets FAQs

When do I receive my sticker sheets?
For basic shape sticker sheets, the printing turnaround can be as quick as the next business day, while custom shaped sheets have a standard turnaround time of three (3) business days. Printing turnaround is the time it takes for us to have your order printed and ready for pickup or shipping. This does not include weekends, holidays, and shipping transit time. To know when your order will arrive at your doorstep, you can use the order calculator to check for the estimated delivery time and date.

How much do sticker sheets cost?
This depends on the number of sheets that you order. Adding a gloss coating also affects the price of the stickers.

Do you offer sticker templates?
Yes, we offer blank dielines you can use to get started on your design. You can find these on the Templates tab. Just choose the sticker size you want to design and download your preferred file type.

What are press-ready files?
These are files that meet our printing requirements such as resolution, dimensions, and color setting. To make sure your files are properly set up and ready for printing, you may refer to this checklist.

Can I see a proof before printing my stickers?
Yes, just select Start with Free Proof after uploading your design so we can email you a PDF proof file. This allows you to review how the final prints would look like and make any revisions. After you have approved the proof, we can proceed with printing.


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