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Die-Cut Printing by NextDayFlyers

Die-cut printing can help take your messaging to another level. Get customers to respond to your communications, not just read them! We offer numerous die-cut shapes that work for a wide range of industries. All our die-cuts are printed on strong 14 pt. ultra-thick card stock that is suitable for mailing.

Print your message in full color on both sides or leave a blank space for handwritten messages. We offer a number of holiday and seasonal themes that allow you to capitalize on established customer spending patterns. We’ve also made it as easy as possible to start your marketing campaign using our die-cut postcards. Browse through our galleries of free templates and choose one to customize in our online design gallery.


  • Die-cuts are printed on 14 pt. ultra-thick cardstock
  • Die-cut postcards make great coupon mailers
  • Choose from a variety of die-cut shapes

Marketing Tips

It’s hard to get your message heard above the noise of competitors and all the other media crying out for customers’ attention. Die-cut printing gives you an edge with a novel and affordable form of advertising that will make customers stop and stare. Die-cuts are versatile and can be used as promotional mailers, coupon mailers, gift cards, and more!

Die-cut shapes charm customers and reinforce your message, making your business more memorable. When used as coupon mailers, die-cut postcards encourage customers to interact with your brand, bringing in sales as well as increasing brand engagement. Not only do customers love coupons, they provide a strong call to action that gets a good response. Numerous business types can use die-cuts to their advantage, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Gourmet stores
  • Retailers
  • Bars
  • Bakeries
  • Jewelers
  • Specialty food shops
  • Dance clubs

If you feel like your marketing is stuck in a rut, die-cuts can provide that jolt of something new that makes customers take notice. If you don’t like coupons, you can use die-cut cards for personal notes to customers for thank you correspondence. They also make great announcement postcards for special sales and other events.

Another fantastic way to use die-cuts is to start a gift card program. When used as gift cards, die-cuts encourage your customers to give credit for your products and services to friends and family. You can use the front of the die-cut to write in the amount of the gift card. The person who receives the gift card can then bring in this gift tag for redemption. Use the back of the die-cut for management signature or authorization for the gift amount. The fun design of die-cuts guarantees these cards will be a pleasure to give or receive.

Why Choose NextDayFlyers for Your Die-Cut Printing Project

Need lightning-fast print production and die-cut printing with surgical precision? NextDayFlyers is the answer. We offer spot-on die-cuts that arrive when we say it will. An On-Time Guarantee and pinpoint printing accuracy. Need we say more?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is die-cutting?
Die-cutting is a process where a die, a specialized tool, is used to cut, shape, or form material.

What are the popular die-cut print products?
Popular die-cut print products are postcards, stickers, and labels.

What are the standard shapes of die-cut prints?
There are no standard die-cut shapes since the process itself is best suited for custom designs. However, there are popular designs available pre-cut such as circles and ovals, stars, and hearts.

What do I need to start die-cutting?
All you need to provide is your design. We’ll do the die-cutting for you.

What do I need to consider for die-cut printing?
Before you do a die-cutting project, consider the following first:

  • Size – Make sure that the design you have in mind can fit into the material’s printable surface. A good example is a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet.
  • Material – Some materials might be too thin for the die-cutting process. Check the available materials from the product page itself so you can be sure that the material you need can be die-cut.
  • Borders – Die-cutting removes the borders from your design. If you would like to retain it, try kiss-cut instead.

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