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Custom Paper Bags

Attract Attention With Branded Bags

Get your brand the attention it deserves with custom paper bags. NextDayFlyers offers these versatile branding tools that are fit for any occasion and enhance customer experience. Whether used for small products, liquor bottles, or a couple of large books, our custom paper bags will securely carry the load while displaying your brand logo prominently.

Best used for gifts and retail packaging, custom paper bags are durable and easy to carry. With a customized logo, your brand stands out and won’t get lost in the shuffle during conventions, tradeshows, and other marketing opportunities.

Available in a wide assortment of sizes and color options, these custom paper bags create an impact and make event giveaways and handouts more memorable. We offer 44 color options for logo printing to conform to your brand colors. With your logo front and center, these bags are sure to make a statement and catch your clientele’s eye.

Choose the Right Custom Bag for Your Business

Branded paper bags make great marketing tools because customers can reuse them and help boost brand recognition. Which is why it’s essential to choose the right custom bag that can withstand multiple use.

Gift bags are perfect if you’re looking to gain extra attention for your logo. Made of high-quality 100 lb. paper, this material is as thick as premium magazine covers and comes with a protective matte or gloss laminate. Your customers will want to use this bag again because of its premium feel. Choose from six various sizes to suit your product, from dainty jewelry boxes, bottles of wine, and multiple party favors. Six handle color options are also available for you to choose from.

White paper bags ensure your logo gets noticed. It’s simple, straightforward, and puts your brand at the front and center of every customer purchase. We print on 100% recycled kraft paper and offer 44 color options to cater to your printing requirements. Paper bags are available in 2 popular bag sizes that can be used for a wide variety of products.

Kraft paper bags are perfect for eco-friendly businesses because of their recyclable and natural feel. These bags are produced with 100% recycled kraft brown paper that suit earthy colors and designs. We offer 44 color options for your logo or message and two popular bag sizes that can fit all types of products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most durable paper bag material?
We recommend gift bags made with 100 lb. paper if you need sturdy bags that last. They’re thicker than kraft paper and you can add matte or gloss coating for extra protection.

Do paper bags come with a colored handle?
No, paper bags come with a twisted handle that’s either white or kraft brown, depending on which material you choose. Colored handles are available for gift bags only.

What bag size do I choose for wine bottles?
We offer wine gift bags with measurements that fit most wine bottles and spirits. You can check the size options available using the order calculator. We highly encourage you to check the size of your product first and refer to our size options before printing.