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Water-Activated Packaging Tape to Secure Shipping

Keep your products and packages safe during shipping with water-activated packaging tape.

Our fiberglass-reinforced packaging tape is ideal for sealing packages that weigh 35 lbs. or lighter. It is water-activated, making it very easy and convenient to use. Simply dab water onto the unprinted side of the tape with a wet sponge as you’re closing the package – and you’re done. Our tape rolls fit most industrial dispensers, making application much easier, faster, and neater.

Likewise, it’s theft- and tamper-deterrent: any damage to the seal is instantly visible.

Packing tape not only helps secure shipments, but it also promotes your brand and boosts recognition among your customers. Full-color logos are printed onto the surface of the tape at 2", 3", 4", 6", or 12" intervals. Logos and designs may be placed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the surface.

Custom Packaging Tape Rolls Come in 5 Length Options

Our water-activated packaging tape rolls have a standard width of 2.75” and are made with white reinforced and gummed paper tape.

Here’s a quick guide on how many rolls you need based on your preferred tape lengths:

One (1) roll

  • 100 ft.
  • 300 ft.

Three (3) rolls = 900 ft.
Six (6) rolls = 1,800 ft.
Nine (9) rolls = 2,700 ft.
Twelve (12) rolls = 3,600 ft.

Get started by uploading your design on the website. Our print experts can proof your design for free to make sure it’s print ready. Production starts as soon as you send your approval.

Standard production time is six (6) business days, excluding shipping time. Shipping time is dependent on your zip code and we try to expedite by assigning your project to the facility closest to you.

Note: Production and shipping times do not include weekends and public holidays.

Water-Activated Packaging Tape FAQs

How much does it cost to print branded packaging tape?
The cost depends on the quantity of rolls and length you order. You can always get an instant quote using the order calculator on this product page. Just select your preferred printing specs and the calculator automatically previews the total amount and price per piece.

How do I apply packaging tape?
There are two ways you can apply water-activated tape: by hand or with a tape dispenser. You only need to add moisture on the non-printed side for it to stick. For manual application, simply use a wet sponge. If you have a dispenser, you can adjust the length in the settings and the machine automatically moistens the tape for you.

Is branded packaging tape permanent?
Water-activated tape is permanent as soon as it’s applied. Once the moistened adhesive sticks to the box, a capillary action bonds the tape to the surface. You cannot remove the tape without leaving a broken seal.

Is packaging tape recyclable?
Our tape is made of biodegradable kraft paper, so it easily breaks down during the composting process.

How do I get a free design proof?
Using the order calculator, choose your preferred printing specs. After, click Upload Your File and select I Need a PDF Proof under the proofing options. A representative will email you the design proof for review. We will only start printing your order one you have approved the file.

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