Window Decals: Effective Storefront Advertising

Window decals are a favorite among brick-and-mortars businesses and shop owners. With a great design, custom decals are a very effective tool to entice customers to enter your store. Not only can you make use of valuable advertising space, but you’ll also bring life to your storefront and capture the attention of passersby. Whether you print your logo, promote deals and discounts, or announce a new product line, window decal stickers will do wonders for your business.

Unlike other promotional tools such as stickers, these window graphics do not use any adhesive and can easily be repositioned on any glass surface.

You can print window decals at NextDayFlyers with sizes ranging from 3” x 4” to 24” x 36”. These can be printed on an 8 mil. Clear or White Window Cling, or on a Perforated Adhesive Vinyl Material.

Quantities range from 1 to 50 prints. Order today and we can have your window signs ready for shipping in just three (3) business days. You can also submit your file for proofing before you pay to make sure that your design gets printed without any errors.

Custom Window Decals that Last

What’s the difference between 8 mil. window cling and perforated adhesive vinyl? It all comes down to appearance and aesthetics.

8 mil. window cling comes in clear and solid white options. Clear window decals are a popular choice because they achieve that modern and clean, no-sticker look. They do not completely obstruct the view so customers can still see through the windows. We recommend clear window decals for simple logos and messages with just a couple of colors. White window clings, on the other hand, are more suited to intricate and colorful designs that require a solid background.

Perforated adhesive vinyl is known for controlling light and heat without completely blocking it. It is a micro-perforated material that has small holes punched out to allow light to pass through. This allows you to see the printed graphic from outside while being able to see through the window from inside the store.

Setting Up the Transparency

If you want to adjust your artwork’s transparency, you can do so through the White Ink drop-down menu. You can select one of four options:

  • Make everything transparent
  • Make only the background clear
  • Make white areas clear
  • Follow file settings

By making everything transparent, you’re asking to have the entire design be see-through including text. If your artwork uses small fonts, this is not the ideal choice as the text becomes hard to read.

By making the background clear, the artwork stays as is while the background becomes see-through. This is the most popular option.

By making white areas clear, the background and other white design elements will become transparent. Everything else will remain as is.

The “follow file settings” option enables you to indicate in your design file what sections are to be transparent. If you need help with this option, feel free to contact us.

Inside or Out?

For window decals, the viewing “direction” refers to the way you intend your printed piece to be viewed.

There are two (2) options for our window decal and window cling viewing directions. Choose the viewing direction based on how you want the decals to adhere to your store windows.

Viewed Inside
If you wish to apply the cling to a wall or inside of a window where customers can view the image from inside the establishment, then choose the “Viewed Inside” option. For this option, the static cling technology would be applied to the back of your window decal.

Viewed Outside
Choose the “Viewed Outside” option if you intend to display your window cling to potential customers outside your store looking in. The static cling technology material would be applied on the front of your window decal, where your design is.

How Do I Put on a Window Decal on Glass?

Custom window decals are useful in advertising your business to passersby. Here’s how you can put on these window signs, so potential customers can easily see them:

  1. Clean the glass. Use soap and water only or rubbing alcohol. Commercial window cleaners leave residue and prevent the decal from sticking to the glass. Dry the glass with a lint-free cloth.
  2. Identify the adhesive side. The sticky part depends on the viewing side you specified. If the decal will be viewed from the inside, the adhesive will most likely be on top of the design.
  3. Spray the area with water and liquid soap. This will help large window decals adhere better to the glass. Smaller decals can be applied dry.
  4. Peel and stick the decal. Remove the paper backing and place the decal on the glass. For larger decals, you might need to measure the area first to ensure that the decal will fit.
  5. Secure the decal in place. Use a squeegee or an ID card to remove air bubbles from the decal. Let the decal set overnight. Once the decal sticks completely to the glass, carefully remove the transfer tape.


Can I reuse my window decals?
Yes, you can apply and reposition window decals. 8 mil. window clings use an adhesive-free static cling technology. This enables you to reposition your window cling easily and without any glue residue.

How can I clean window decals?
You can simply use cool, soapy water. Do not use abrasive chemicals and rough sponges that can affect the surface.

How soon can I expect my order?
Your window clings can be printed and ready for shipping in just three (3) business days. “Printing turnaround” is the number of days for us to produce your window decal printing order. This does not include holidays and weekends. You can also get an estimated delivery date using the order calculator by providing your ZIP code.

How do I use free print templates?
We offer free blank print templates you can download and use as a guide for your design. We provide them so you can lay out your artwork and ensure the correct bleed, trim, and safety lines. You can get these from the Templates tab. Just select your preferred size and file format.

How do I get my design proofed for free?
Once you upload your design on the website, select the PDF Proof option and we will email you a proof file for your approval. This lets you review your design and make any necessary changes before we proceed with production.

How do I make my own glass decals?
Step 1. Select from our standard sizes or opt for a custom size.

Step 2. Choose from our available sturdy materials.

Step 3. Customize the transparency of your artwork.

Step 4. Pick the application location.

Step 5. Set the quantity.

Step 6. Select your preferred turnaround time (if applicable).

Step 7. Upload your artwork. If you don’t have a design yet, create one using our online design tool or use our professional design services.

Step 8. Proceed to checkout.

How do I make my window decals sticky again?
The first thing you need to do is to use soap and water to remove dirt and dust from the window decals. After a thorough cleaning, let your window decals dry. Once clean and dry, make sure to wipe the surface—where you’re going to put your window decals—with a dry and lint-free cloth. Finally, apply your window decals.

What’s the difference between stickers and decals?
Stickers are labels that can be applied to any surface or handed out for promotions. They are usually small in size, so they fit nicely on laptops, water bottles, and other surfaces. Stickers have two layers: 1) the backing paper, which you need to remove, and 2) the decorative part that features your design.

Decals are a type of stickers that are generally used outdoors. Compared to stickers, these window graphics are often offered in larger sizes – as big as 120” x 53” (w x h) for NextDayFlyers’ custom sizes. Decals also have three layers, which include a transfer tape. This protects the design while you attach the decal to a surface such as walls, vehicles, floors, and windows.

How much do window graphics cost?
The cost of decal stickers depends on the size and material that you choose. For instance, a 3” x 4” 8 mil clear window cling decal costs $10.95 apiece. If you choose the same size but print on perforated adhesive vinyl, the price will change.

Another factor is the printing time. These window signs printed within 3 business days will cost less than ones printed on the same day. As always, you can save more when you print in bulk.

Can you see through window decals?
Yes, if you choose the Make Everything Transparent option, the entire design will be see-through. You can set the transparency of your design on the product calculator by choosing from the options under White Ink.

What vinyl do you use for window decals?
We use perforated adhesive decals, which have tiny holes in the material to let the light shine through.

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