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Be Bigger Than Your Trade Show With Printed Tablecloths

Setting up a convention booth for a trade show or marketing event? Don’t forget to create your own printed tablecloths. Custom tablecloths (also called table throws or table covers) can be printed with your company name, logo, and other artwork, making your convention booth instantly identifiable. Custom table cover printing can also be used to make ordinary folding tables look more presentable and create hidden storage space underneath the table.

What Are the Different Sizes of Tablecloths?

The right tablecloth can make any table setting look more professional and elegant. Choosing the right linen is more than just picking a great design—the table cover must also fit the length of your table perfectly.

Custom printed tablecloths come in the following styles and sizes that match your setup:

  • The 3-sided style (open back) has a little less height on one of the longer sides, allowing easier access under the table. This allows for more comfortable seating and provides easier access to under-table storage. 3-sided printed table covers are just the thing for press conferences and booths where customers only have visibility in the front.
  • The 4-sided style (closed back) hides the underside of the table from all angles. This gives you hidden storage space and allows you to show your tablecloth artwork regardless of where you approach it. This makes them ideal for displays that can be approached from any side.

We offer custom table covers in 3 and 4-sided versions for 6’ and 8’ long rectangular tables. We have a range of sizes including popular ones such as:

Tablecloth Length Table Size Graphic Size Printed Side
128" x 64” 6’ long tables (approximately 72"L x 29"W x 29"H) 3-sided: 126.5" x 62.75" Front only (full color)
128" x 87” 6’ long tables (approximately 72"L x 29"W x 29"H) 4-sided: 126.5" x 84"
152" x 87” 8’ long tables (approximately 96"L 3-sided: 150.5" x 62.75" 4-sided: 150.5" x 84"

All custom business table covers are made for tables approximately 29”-30” wide (about 2.4’-2.5‘) tall, and the tablecloths are intended to drape 29” on all sides on a 4-sided tablecloth and 3 sides on a 3-sided cloth.

For more precise placement, you can use the above dimensions and measure the table you intend to use to better account for the size of your design, especially on the parts of the tablecloths that hang off the table. For instance, if your table is less than 29” tall, you can make the design area that hangs off the table a bit smaller, so artwork does not reach into the table top.

All personalized tablecloths are finished with hemmed edges and rounded corners, preventing fraying and giving them an elegant look.

How to Care for Custom Printed Tablecloths

Custom table throws are printed on machine-washable stretch fabric, allowing you to reuse them for multiple events.

  1. Wash the table cover in a washing machine on gentle cycle. Make sure to use cold water only.
  2. Dry on low setting only or hang the tablecloth to air dry. Straighten the cloth to prevent creases from forming.
  3. Smooth out any wrinkles by steaming or ironing. To steam, place the tablecloth on a surface and run the steaming machine along the creases. To iron the table cover, lay the tablecloth on its backside on an ironing board and gently press along over low heat.

Tablecloth FAQs

What size of tablecloth should I get for a 6-foot table?
For a 6-foot table, you can choose between two styles: 3-sided and 4-sided. The 3-sided business tablecloth has an open back, which allows for a more comfortable seating and easy access to your stuff under the table. On the other hand, the 4-sided style lets you keep storage hidden and display your logo or artwork on all sides.

What type of fabric is best for tablecloths?
We use polyester fabric on all our custom table covers. Unlike cotton, polyester is wrinkle and water-resistant, making it ideal for marketing and formal events. It also has a slightly shiny appearance, which makes graphics stand out.

How much does a table cover cost?
The cost of a branded tablecloth depends on its length and style.

How much should a tablecloth hang over the table?
The length of a printed tablecloth sets the difference between a casual and formal event. Our tablecloths have a 29” drop on all sides for the closed back or 4-sided style. The open back or 3-sided option will drape 29” on three sides only.

How do I attach a vinyl banner to a tablecloth?
Most vinyl banners have grommets on each side for hanging. You can insert a nylon rope or bungee cord into the grommet and anchor the banner to the hind table legs. You can also use Velcro to attach your vinyl banner to the tablecloth.

But there’s a better way to display your brand without printing a table banner separately or using additional accessories. Our custom tablecloths can be printed with your chosen graphics. This way, your branding will look more professional and seamless.

How do you put a picture on a tablecloth?
Images are an easy way to catch customers’ attention. To include pictures or text on your tablecloth order, just upload your artwork or create a design request by calling 844-380-9962. Graphics will be printed in full color and in the following printable area sizes: 150.5" x 62.75" (3-sided) and 150.5" x 84" (4-sided).


tricia.e 3 months ago

Most of our products, including the tablecloths, are white. If there is a preferred background color, please make sure to use that background on your artwork so that we may get it printed on the material.

tricia.e 4 months ago

Our tablecloths are usually folded when packed. If it's just a single tablecloth, the box will be 12"x 4"x17".

Skye 2 years ago
Hi Melynda, Thank you for reaching out, For table cloths. All personalized tablecloths are finished with hemmed edges and rounded corners, preventing fraying and giving them an elegant look. Thanks,
Emme 3 years ago
Skye 3 years ago
Hi Emme, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the table cloth does not come with the table clamps but just the table cloth instead. Thanks
Customer S. 4 years ago
All of our tablecloth materials will be white. However, if you want to have a colored table cloth, you will need to make sure your file is the color you are wanting. For example: If you wanted a black table cloth with your logo on it, your background color would need to be black with your logo placed on it.
Janie A. 5 years ago
Customer S. 4 years ago
Our table cloths are not flame resistant material
Customer C. 5 years ago
This is an important question about printed tablecloths. Our printed tablecloths are wrinkle-resistant. Wrinkles and creasing can be easily eliminated with a hand steamer. We do not recommend tumble drying or ironing our printed tablecloths.
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