A-Frame Signs

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A-Frame Signs Dominates Your Sidewalk

If you need signs that you can conveniently display, replace with new promotions, and can set up outdoors in any weather, then custom A-frame signs are exactly the advertising solution your small business needs.

A-frame signs, also known as sandwich boards, are two boards connected by a hinge at the top, some with one board, and others with two connected boards. This allows A-frame signs to have excellent stability and portability when set up on the street. These are popular for small businesses that need to switch messages regularly or store their signs inside their locations after closing time.

Custom A-frame signs are often found on sidewalks outside restaurants, cafes, and other small businesses. Their ability to position messages directly in the line of sight of pedestrians makes them usable for any small business or non-profit organization with a physical location that needs outdoor advertising.

At NextDayFlyers, we offer high-quality sign printing for any environment. From aluminum signs to vinyl banners, window clings to poster signs, our large format printing options let you customize the best sign for your business.

We can print both metal A-frame signs or plastic sandwich boards. Each of these options lets you transform sidewalks and hallways into powerful advertising platforms. You can order both frames and signs, or just the sign and add it to your existing frames.

Start owning the sidewalk and drive more business with A-frame signs. Upload your design now and we can have your order ready as soon as the next business day.

Choose the Right Material for Your Ads

Not sure which type of A-frame sign would suit your business? Both plastic and metal signs are durable for outdoor use, but here are their key characteristics to help you choose the right material for your needs.

Metal A-frame signs are coated with a protective powder that protects your frames from outdoor elements.

  • Metal frame available in size 27.75" x 31.5
  • Replacement signs are available in four (4) size options
  • Popular for real estate signs or directional signs
  • Has a slot to insert a flag (flag not included)
  • Display material is made of 4mm coroplast board and has two grommets on top (where carabiner is inserted)
  • Ready for shipping in four (4) business days

Plastic sandwich boards are made with durable, waterproof plastic material.
  • Plastic frame available in size 24.375" x 37.25"
  • Replacement signs are available in five (5) size options
  • Easy push up and slide down sign graphic insert installation. No tools necessary
  • Has a molded handle makes it easy to carry around
  • Display material is made of 4mm coroplast board
  • Ready to ship in 24 hours

Get started by uploading your design on our website. You can request a file review to check for any errors or revisions before your order gets shipped. This service is offered free of charge to all NextDayFlyers customers.

Print A-frame signs for your business today.

A-Frame Signs Q&As

How soon can I have my A-frame signs delivered?
This depends on your selected printing turnaround and shipping option. You can get an estimated delivery date using the order calculator by providing your ZIP code. This lets the website automatically generate shipping options and costs for you to choose from.

How much does it cost to print A-frame signs?
This depends on your order’s size, printing specs, and quantity. You can get an instant quote using the order calculator by selecting your preferred printing specs from the dropdown options.

Is there a minimum order for A-frames?
No minimum orders. You can order just one (1) unit for either the sign or both sign and frame.