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Reach a Wide Audience With Long-Lasting Bookmarks

Bookmark printing is an easy way to reach many people with a branding message that lasts. Promote your business, products, and services with bookmarks and distribute them as mini flyers, coupons, or tickets at trade shows and events. They serve a long-term purpose inside the pages of your customer’s books, and a constant reminder of your brand.

Bookmarks are a great marketing tool because they’re fun and useful. We offer a range of premium options that ignite the senses of sight and touch. Choose vibrant colors that sparkle and shine or go for a more subdued look that’s soft and smooth to the touch.

Which Bookmark Best Suits Your Brand?
Custom bookmarks are printed in vibrant full-color and on sturdy cardstock that carries your branding for years. You can also choose uncoated for a subdued look, or choose a protective finish:

  • Matte is flat satin, which emits a look of elegance and very little glare.
  • Gloss prints shiny and is considered the standard coating.
  • High-gloss UV is ultra glossy and makes images pop.

Metallic bookmarks add shimmer to any color and dazzle the eyes in a glance. For another touch of elegance, you can add spot UV coating to specific parts of your design, like your logo or special messaging, to create a captivating shine.

Foil bookmarks grab attention with a stunning sparkle on your logo, text, or artwork. Choose from six radiant foil colors: copper, gold, silver, black, blue, and red.

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