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  • Works perfect indoors or outdoors
  • Removable and reusable
  • Next-day printing available
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Transform Business Spaces With Wall Decal Printing

Wall decal printing has the power to transform spaces in office buildings, restaurants, and retail outlets. They have a wow factor that creates a mood, sets the tone, and motivates action.

Use wall decals as effective signage for branding and promotions. Businesses can print the company logo and tagline as decorations for the lobby. Retailers can create point of purchase displays printed on wall decals for seasonal sale promotions.

Custom wall decals are a quick, easy, and economical way to spruce up spaces. The removable wall decals won’t damage your walls or paint. You can take them down and replace as needed.

Create Compelling Wall Decals

Transform your space with two features that help you create compelling wall decals.

It’s important that your custom wall decal doesn’t appear too small on the wall or disappear in the room. It also shouldn’t overpower the space. Select from our most popular size options:

  • Small (16" x 20") to accommodate a small area or to take up little space. It’s also a good choice if you’re printing and applying more than one wall decal to the same wall.
  • Medium (24” x 36”) looks great featured in the center of a large wall.
  • Large (28” x 40”) is best for large designs intended to alter an entire wall.

Need a size not shown? We can help! Use our Custom Product Quote Request for custom sizes ranging from 3" x 3" to 120" x 59”.

Custom wall decals are printed on high quality, 8 mil. adhesive fabric with fade-resistant ink. The fabric is white and durable. What does that mean for you?

  • Your design prints in vibrant full color on white fabric, and can be rendered to a contoured shape. It’s important that your design includes a solid colored background. A transparent background is not available.
  • This durable fabric is strong enough to place indoors or outdoors. With proper installation and care, your custom wall decals look fresh indoors for up to five years, and look great outdoors for temporary use.

How to Install Wall Decals Simply and Smoothly

Installation is easy with the peel-off backing. Follow these step-by-step instructions to apply on any smooth surface:

  1. Clean the wall to remove dirt and dust before adhering your decal.
  2. Flip over the printed wall decal material.
  3. Fold back the top edge of the release liner.
  4. Apply the exposed top edge of the material to the wall.
  5. Use a squeegee to smooth out the material as you gradually remove the liner.

Note: The material is reusable. You can remove it from the wall and place it back down until you achieve a wrinkle-free installation.

How to Properly Care for Wall Decals

You can clean and maintain your wall decals using a sifting cloth or sponge with cool water.

To avoid damaging wall decals, do not clean with hard materials that contain abrasives or ammonia. Do not use cleaners with acidic qualities.

Fun and Effective Ways to Use Your Wall Decals 

There are many effective uses for custom wall decals. The best part is that they’re way more fun and require less work than paint or wallpaper. They’re also easy to take down and don’t leave any residue.

Decorate with wall art. Take people to another world with your design printed in a large size to fill a wall in an area. You can print photos, murals, modern designs, and more. The right design printed in vivid color has the power to create an alternate atmosphere and inspire the imagination.

Print your company logo. Putting the company logo on walls strategically in your business, retail or restaurant space is important for branding. Depending on how large your facility is, you may consider printing your logo in multiple sizes to display in different areas, such as the entrance, shared spaces, and meeting rooms.

Promote your brand message, sales, or specials. One of the great benefits of wall decals is that they’re removable without leaving residue. It’s an easy way to keep promotions fresh. They’re also reusable. You can put them up temporarily, take down, and reuse as you choose.


Will the decals stick to my wall?
Wall decals will stick to most smooth or lightly textured surfaces that are free of dirt and dust. Smoothly painted walls, metals, and glass are ideal. They can also be installed on curved surfaces, like columns or pillars.

Wall decals won’t stick to rough or uneven surfaces, like stucco, cinder block, and brick. You can test your wall with a piece of masking tape. If it sticks to your wall, then our decals will.

I just painted my walls. Does that matter?
You should wait at least 14 days before applying wall decals to newly painted walls. Some important things to keep in mind about volatile organic compound (VOC) paint:

  • It can take six to eight weeks to dry entirely.
  • Zero VOC eggshell paints might contain small amounts of silicone. If they do, wall decals won’t stick.

How do I prevent wrinkles or bubbles from forming during application?
Use a squeegee to smooth out the material as you gradually remove the liner and apply the wall decal to the surface.

How long will my wall decals last?
With proper installation and care, your custom wall decals can look fresh for up to five years when applied to indoor walls. They're great on outdoor walls for temporary use.

How do I remove wall decals?
Start by pulling away at a corner. Continue to peel it off the wall slowly and gently. It should peel away easily if it hasn’t been on the wall for a long period of time.

If your wall decal has been up for a few years or more, use a hairdryer to apply heat to the area you want to remove first. This will loosen the adhesive and you can gently peel away the wall decal.