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March 10, 2022 by Monte
“Great Results, Will use them again! Next time I think I will use the heavier paper, though. The cover was well-centered, and the colors were exactly how I designed them!”
November 29, 2019 by Bradley
“Have used this service for a few years now and never been disappointed. Great quality”
December 24, 2018 by RealLoveMusic
“This is our 2nd insert order with Next Day Flyers and we are so please again! We love the quality of the product and the rapidness of shipping available. We are definitely repeat customers!”

Print CD Front Cover Inserts That Sell

Create an attractive CD that makes people want to make a purchase with printed CD front cover inserts. These custom CD inserts print in full color on both sides with a finished size of 4.75" x 4.75". You can choose the number of panels you want for your insert, starting with a single panel that provides a front cover and reverse side. You can add up to three additional panels to create a 2, 4, 6 or 8 page insert. 

We also offer multiple fold options for 3 page inserts, including Tri-Fold, Z-fold, and Gate Fold. For 4 page inserts, you can choose from popular fold types such as French Fold, Parallel Map Fold, Double Parallel Map Fold, and Accordion Fold. We print CD inserts in full color on quality 100lb. or 80 lb. gloss paper. Each printed sheet is folded by us, and shipped to you ready to insert. 

You can download design templates for CD front cover inserts that can be used in Photoshop, Illustrator,  and InDesign. These templates include the correct file size, bleed, trim marks, and color profiles, making it simple for you to design your own insert. 


  • Print your CD front cover insert with up to 4 panels
  • CD inserts have a finished size of 4.75" x 4.75"
  • Include credits, lyrics or photos on extra panels
  • Choose either 80 lb or 100 lb gloss bookweight paper

Folding Options:

The price of this product includes scoring and folding.

1 & 2 panels:  

no fold - 4.75 x 4.75
No Fold
(4.75 x 4.75)

(Unfolds to 4.75 x 9.5)

3 panels:  

(Unfolds to 4.75 x 14.125)

(Unfolds to 4.75 x 14.25)

Gate Fold
(Unfolds to 4.75 x 9.5)

4 panels:  

French Fold
(Unfolds to 9.5 x 9.5)

Parallel Map Fold
(Unfolds to 4.75 x 18.875)

Double Parallel Fold
(Unfolds to 4.75 x 19)

Accordion Fold
(Unfolds to 4.75 x 19)

Marketing Tips

The digital era has disrupted the music industry forever, creating challenges and opportunities for independent music artists. It’s now possible for almost anyone to compose, record, mix, and sell their recordings on a CD. While music may be your great love, don’t neglect the marketing side when you’re getting ready to put out a CD. Print CD inserts that appeal to new listeners and fans in order to improve your sales. CD inserts complement the recordings of a wide variety of musical and performing groups, including:

  • Bands
  • Choirs
  • Solo artists
  • DJs
  • Community orchestras
  • Vocalists
  • Folk groups

Use the front cover as a selling vehicle by creating a design that allows potential buyers to quickly identify what you’re selling. Consider this scenario: you’ve just given a performance to a crowded venue. As the audience leaves the building, they pass by a table where your CD sits, available for sale. What will those people see on the cover? Is your name or the name of your musical group prominent? Is there a photo on the front that will help them connect your CD with the performance they just heard? 

While the front cover is crucial to sales, consider what other kinds of information you might want to put on additional panels. These “extras” – such as credits, lyrics or photos – may be valuable to you, or they may be desired by listeners and fans. Make sure you give yourself room to communicate everything you want related to your artistic endeavor.


Cyrelle 10 months ago
Hi! Thank you for your interest in doing business with Next Day Flyers. We require print-ready files on all of our print products. You may want to design your CD Cover through photoshop or canva and upload your pdf file. We offer FREE Proof as well. In any case that you need help on your design, feel free to avail of our design service for a minimal fee.
Cyrelle 2 years ago
Hi Kane, Our CD Front and Back Cover Inserts may have printing on both sides. Yes, you may customize your own design.
Vannoy 2 years ago
Skye 2 years ago
Hi Vannoy, Thank you for your question. What do you mean about plastic cases? are these like plastic boxes where you can put stuff in them? If it is. Unfortunately, we do not sell those. Thanks
Jean K. 3 years ago
Hi! No, unfortunately, this not an actual case. What we offer is CD front cover insert printing.
KaneeshaP 4 years ago
Our recommended cmyk value for a true black outcome is 60, 40, 40, 100.
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