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Sprinkle Some Shimmer With Metallic Postcard Printing

When standard postcard printing just won’t do, it’s time to go metallic. Metallic postcard printing highlights special elements on your postcard that you want everyone to see.

Get your business noticed by printing metallic postcards with colorful designs. This is perfect for butterfly farms, beauty salons, makeup artists, and any business with a creative flair.

Our metallic postcard printing:

  • Features a thick and sturdy 16 pt. cardstock that lasts longer.
  • Comes in different sizes for many uses.
  • Can have one or both sides printed.
  • Has a spot UV option to boost the shine
  • Allows for rounded corners that make your postcards stand out even more

Make DIY Postcards with Our Free Customizable Postcard Templates and Online Design Tool

Creating your own postcard design has never been this easy. All you need to do is to choose the postcard template that you like best from our collection and then start customizing it. You can place your company name, logo, product image, and other design elements that you can think of.

We made it more simple for you to find the postcard design template that would suit your business. We categorized all the 182 designs that we have into different industries.?

Want to get started in customizing your postcards? Follow these easy steps on how to use our online design tool:

  • Step 1. Select a postcard template that you want to edit.
  • Step 2. Click Customize or the image of the template itself.
  • Step 3. Start personalizing the postcard template by adding various graphic elements such as texts, photos, or background color.
    You can also manipulate the images you’ll add on the design by cropping and rotating it. All of these tools can be easily found in the toolbar.
  • Step 4. Proceed to Order once you’re done or save your design and get back to it later.

Sparkle in Every Color

Gold, silver, and bronze. These metallic neutrals evoke elegance and a more expensive feel. Use them for wedding invitations, special announcements, VIP events, or for fine dining restaurants and hotels.

Colored Metallics. Get creative with your postcard design and add color to it. Colorful metallic postcard printing shines bright especially when light hits it. Use it for fun, celebratory events such as holidays, birthdays, parties, and ribbon-cuttings.

A Size for Every Purpose

Not all postcard sizes are created equal. Know what size is best for you with this cheat sheet, and save on time and money:

  • 4” x 6” postcard size is the standard and the most cost-effective choice. Use this when you need to send out bulk announcements on a store opening or new product launch.
  • 4.25” x 6” size is a little bit larger than the standard meaning there is more space to add visual heavy artwork.
  • 5” x 7” postcards can be used to send out sales promotions and discount coupons. It’s big enough to get noticed, but still handy to carry around.
  • 5.5” x 8.5” sized postcards enjoy the best of both worlds with its ample space and affordability.
  • 6” x 9” postcards are still easy to hand out and keep even with its noticeably larger size.
  • 6” x 11” is the largest postcard size that can be mailed. This will surely stand out in any environment.

Turn Up the Sheen

Not satisfied with your metallic sheen? Add more sparkle by adding another coating. Here’s the lowdown on the coatings we offer for metallic postcard printing:

Standard Gloss

Metallic postcards are printed on 16 pt. cardstock that is already coated with a gloss finish. This coating offers the right level of shine to show off your metallic artwork and doesn’t compete with the important elements of your design.

Spot UV

This high gloss finish is extra shiny and makes every color pop even from far away. The spot UV coating also adds a textural experience when you touch it.


When can I get my postcards?

Your postcard’s arrival depends on the printing and  shipping options you choose. “Turnaround time” is the number of days required to produce your order, excluding holidays and weekends. “Shipping time” is the transit time you selected, which starts after the printing turnaround time.

Does my postcard order qualify for First Class Mailing rates?

If your postcard is rectangular and at least 3.5” x 5” but no more than 4.25” x 6”, then it qualifies for First Class mail postcard pricing. Any size beyond those dimensions will be considered a letter and will be charged accordingly.

What is a free file proof?

This is a service we offer that ensures your artwork is error-free before it goes to print. Our highly-skilled prepress team checks your design to see if it meets printing standards. If you are have a tight deadline, in a rush, or have specific design concerns, this service is highly recommended.

Metallic Printing File Preparation Guidelines

What should I keep in mind while creating the metallic design?

Use these design guidelines to create an effective metallic design:

  • Font size should be above 12 points.
  • Use Sans Serif fonts for readability.
  • The metallic shine is most evident in lighter colors. It will be less obvious in darker colors.
  • The mask and CMYK design file should match one another. Make sure each layer’s respective elements align with the other version of the design.

How should I prepare my file for metallic printing?

You need to submit a file with two layers. For metallic printing orders: the standard CMYK layer and the silver foil mask layer.

The mask layer should show where the metallic printing will be applied. Mark the metallic area with 100% K or black and then render the non-metallic parts in white.

For example, the images below show that the logo in black will be metallic, while the white background is the non-metallic section.

A normal CMYK layer


A layer for silver foil


The final printed product

Spot UV File Preparation Guidelines

What are the best design practices for spot UV printing?

  • Limit the text’s font size to a minimum of 7 or 8 points.
  • Border and stroke should be above 1.5 points.
  • Place a 1/16” gap between spot UV and metallic or foil printing areas. The spot UV areas cannot overlap with the metallic or foil printing sections.

How should I prepare my file for spot UV printing?

Your regular color file should come with a spot UV template layer that shows where to apply the spot UV printing.

Apply 100% K to the section that will have spot UV.

Color all other areas without spot UV as white.

A normal CMYK layer


A layer for spot UV


The final printed product


Customer S. 4 years ago
You will need to submit your files in layers. The information that is to have metallic placed on it you will need to have it on a layer all its own and it will need to be selectable. Vector files are the preferred files for these items.
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