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Packaging Tape

Brand Your Shipments With Custom Packing Tape

Seal, wrap, or bundle anything with custom printed tape. Our durable custom packaging tape ensures that your shipments reach their destination tamper-free.

Packing tapes are commonly used in sealing packages. But they can do a lot more than keeping the contents of your box secure. Printed packing tape also offers a branding and marketing opportunity for business owners.

With a printable surface for adding your logo, these tapes can make even plain boxes look attractive and professional. Every tape can be customized according to your needs.

Gummed Paper Tape vs. Poly Packing Tape

Custom packing tapes come in two types: gummed paper tape and poly packing tape.

What’s the difference between the two?

Gummed paper tape is a flat-back paper adhesive tape that needs to be wet to stick. To activate the adhesive, you can use a wet sponge to apply moisture to the non-printed side. This method is best used when working with just a few packages. For high-volume applications, you can use a dispenser that automatically applies moisture to the adhesive.

On the other hand, poly packing tape is made of a type of glossy plastic called polypropylene. It does not require water for the adhesive to stick, but you need to apply some pressure to make the tape stay in place. Poly packing tapes can be applied by hand, but you can also use a tape dispenser for bigger jobs.

Want to see the differences side-by-side? Here’s a handy chart to break down the features of each tape:

Gummed Paper Tape Poly Packing Tape
Material White Reinforced Paper Tape 2 mil. White or Clear Polypropylene Tape
Adhesive Type Water-Activated Pressure-Sensitive
Tape Width 2.75 2.75
Tamper Evident Yes No
Weight Limit Maximum 30 lbs. Maximum 50 lbs.
Printing Colors 1-Color
Full Color
1 or 2-Color Printing
Logo Orientation Horizontal
Ready to Ship In 12 Business Days 12 Business Days

Custom printed packaging tape can be printed with your logo to increase brand awareness. Logos are repeated throughout the length of the tape and are printed in 1, 2, or full color.

Order branded packing tapes today. You can upload your file, use our online design tool, or ask for design help by calling 855-898-9870.