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Smart Labelling Makes Your Product Stand Out

Hand sanitizers have become a necessity of modern living. But with so many brands currently available, how can your product stand out from all the rest?

Good labels are what your product needs. Well-designed labels with the right mix of eye-catching imagery and informative text are a surefire way of getting customers to snap up your products off the shelves.

What Type Do You Need?

Our standard product labels are available in two types:

  • Individually Cut or Cut-to-Size labels are best suited for smaller product quantities or limited-run products
  • Roll-type labels are wound around a cardboard spool to fit a standard dispenser/automatic labeler to mark larger numbers of products

Sizes and Cutting Options

  • Cut to Size Labels are printed from as small as 1.5” x 2.5” to as large as 8.5” x 11”. Die-cutting options include all rounded corners, top left / bottom right, and top right / bottom left;
  • Roll-type Labels are available from 0.5” x 1” for smaller sampler-sized containers to 6” x 6.5” for institutional-sized containers. Shape options include rectangular with rounded corners, square with rounded corners, round, and oval

Choose Your Materials

We offer a variety of material choices that you can use to create striking and effective labels:

  • Vinyl: The thickest and most durable material we have is recommended for products that will be exposed to outdoor conditions. Adding a glossy coating on it boosts color saturation on your designs and keeps prints protected from the impact of extended us. Our vinyl stickers are available in the following variants and can be laminated with either a gloss or matte finish:
    • 70 lb. Label
    • White Vinyl
  • Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP): These gloss-laminated self-adhesive polypropylene stickers are best for products that are exposed to extremes in temperature between -65? to 200?F, as well as water, oil, moisture, and refrigeration. These are available in the following variants:
    • White BOPP
    • Clear BOPP
    • Silver Metallic BOPP
  • White Premium Sticker Paper: Made of smooth, semi-gloss, pressure-sensitive adhesive paper, this material has a writable surface and is appropriate for general indoor applications. Add lamination to make it both oil- and water-resistant
  • Estate Adhesive Paper: Uncoated vellum-textured paper with a subtle linear texture. Ideal for hand-written/hand-drawn labels or those embellished with fine calligraphy

Cut to Size Labels are only available in 70 lb. Label and White Vinyl stock; these can be finished with either a Matte or a High-gloss laminate.

  • Roll-type Labels, on the other hand, are available in White Premium Sticker Paper, BOPP, and Estate Adhesive Paper. All can be finished with either a matte or high-gloss laminate.

All can be finished with either a Gloss Indoor or Matte laminate.

Smart Design and Quality Production

Get started by uploading your press-ready file through our online design tool. Don’t have a design yet? Just download from our selection of easy-to-use design templates.

Take note of the production time for both variants:

  • Cut to Size Labels can be ready by the next business day and may take as long as three (3) business days;
  • Roll-type Labels take from two (2) to six (6) business days to produce, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Items are delivered to your designated address of choice.

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