Reach a Wider Audience With Bumper Stickers 

Bumper sticker printing will never go out of style. Bumpers are one of the most used spaces for stating what you stand for. From political views to social causes, vinyl bumper stickers are a popular way to show support for anything. Custom bumper stickers have been used for everything, including supporting honor roll students, civic organizations, bands, and sports teams. However, they also have the potential to be a viable marketing space. Your business information printed on one can reach a wider audience. When you print personalized bumper stickers, the only limit is the distance you choose to travel.

Reach a whole new group of consumers by placing these stickers on your car, delivery trucks, store windows, or any other smooth, hard surface. Here at NextDayFlyers, we use top-quality vinyl material that is fade and weather-resistant. The strong adhesive backing is perfect for vehicle movement and changing weather conditions. Upload your design and choose your preferred size. With our fast printing turnaround, you can print bumper stickers and get them as soon as the next day.

How to Design Your Own Bumper Stickers

You might think that car decals have very limited space and it's not enough to use as a marketing opportunity. However, it all comes down to design. Here's how to make a bumper sticker that delivers the most impact.

Choose the Right Font
Choose your typeface based on the nature of your business. For instance, a script font can be used for an events business, or one with a futuristic style for a tech business. For general purposes or for corporate bumper stickers, a sans serif font is good as long as it is readable even from a distance.

Keep the Quantity of Words to a Minimum
A bumper sticker is essentially a miniature mobile billboard. Consider that most of your readers are speeding past in their own cars. The fewer the words, the larger your font size, thus making it much more readable.

Simple is Better
An elaborate design can take away from the message you want to convey. Whether it's your business name alone or your slogan, a simple design supports your core message. When it comes to stickers for your car, simple but catchy is the way to do it.

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Bumper Stickers FAQs

Are custom sized bumper stickers available?
Yes. The standard size for bumper stickers is 6” x 2”, but other sizes, such as 10” x 3”, 8” x 4”, and 12” x 4” are quickly gaining popularity. If you can’t find the specific size that you need from the dropdown menu, you can create custom stickers. Make sure to select ‘white vinyl sticker’ for the sticker material since that’s what we use for our bumper stickers.

Are the stickers easy to apply?
Yes, they are. Our individually cut stickers all have crack-and-peel backing that makes sticker application a breeze.

Do your bumper stickers have UV coating?
Yes, they do. Our custom bumper stickers are finished with a UV coat, giving it an extra layer of protection from bumps and scratches. More importantly, it fights against fading.

How much does it cost to make bumper stickers?
The total cost of your bumper stickers depends on your product specifications. You can use our product calculator to get an estimate of your order. The price of our bumper stickers starts from $16.95.

Can bumper stickers ruin your car?
No. Especially if you remove them carefully and properly.

Can you get pulled over for a bumper sticker?
If your bumper stickers are not in any way blocking your vehicle’s light signals, essential information such as plate number, car model, etc., and your view, it should typically be okay. Though as a reminder, experts advise against obscene and offensive bumper stickers. It’s also a good idea to check government bylaws regarding bumper stickers.

Are the bumper stickers removable and reusable?
No, they aren’t. Our bumper stickers use a permanent adhesive and cannot be removed or reused without the risk of damaging the surface or its paint job. If you require a sticker that is repositionable, consider window decals.

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