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Print Plastic Business Cards and Leave a Lasting Impression

Companies that dare to stand out and envision the extraordinary would love to have plastic business cards. Excellent marketing material to hand out to VIPs and Business executives. Unlike other traditional business card materials, our 20 pt. plastic is durable and impresses with its clear, frosted, or opaque white appearance. Plastic business card printing made easy and fast with NextDayFlyers.

Why Use Plastic Business Cards?
  1. Excellent for membership and loyalty programs
  2. Custom sizes with rounded corners (rectangle, square, or oval)
  3. Premium finish with full-color prints for maximum quality.

Double Duty Durability
The material is a 20 pt. plastic with the following features:

20 pt. cardstock
  • A little thinner but equally durable to a credit card
  • Waterproof
  • Tearproof
  • Comes in a transparent, frosted, or solid white surface

Choose From Clear, Frosted, or White Plastic Business Cards

Clear Plastic Business Cards
Clear Plastic Business Cards

Clear or transparent plastic business cards are completely transparent on both sides. The clean finish leads the eyes to your company logo and company information.
  • Recommended font size: 8 pt.+
  • Recommended line size: minimum 1.5 pts.

Note: All clear plastic orders come with a protective film that should be peeled off to reveal the transparent material. This peel-off layer is meant to protect the card from being scratched during shipping.

Frosted Plastic Business Cards
Frosted Plastic Business Cards

These business cards suit those who want a glass-like finish but without the see-through transparency. This material is reminiscent of a frosted glass window, allowing colors to pop out and contrast against the translucent background.
  • Recommended font size: 8 pt.+
  • Recommended line size: minimum 1.5 pts.

White Plastic Business Cards
White Plastic Business Cards

As its name indicates, this material places your design on an opaque white background. Maximize the space available by printing on both sides of the card. Use bold or dark colors to contrast the white plastic and to highlight contact details on your plastic business card.

For more details, check out our guide on the what is the difference between clear, frosted, and plastic business cards. We also offer free business card templates to download, Just click on the Templates Tab.

Popular Size & Shape Options

Create your own plastic business cards in a square or rectangle shape in six sizes. We recommend using the following dimensions:

  • 2.125” x 3.375” rectangle size is the same size of a credit card.
  • 1.5”x 3.5” and 1.75”x 3.5” rectangle plastic business cards would easily fit into standard business card holders.
  • 2.5”x 2.5” square size is excellent for small and narrow business card designs.

Our oval shape is available at the standard 2” x 3.5” size to provide enough space for your company name, logo, and other contact details.

Print plastic business cards with us today and promote your company as a reliable and premium brand. You can create business cards using our online design tool or upload a ready-made design here on our site.

Design Hacks for Plastic Business Cards

Your chosen business card design will depend on the type of material and size. Here are simple Hacks for your plastic business card designs:

  • Large Rectangle or square business card designs are best fitted with bigger and colorful images. Make use of all available space as much as possible. Use your brand logo or business message prominently in the available space by making it larger. This design is often use for plastic gift card or loyalty cards.
  • Frosted and Clear business cards are great alternatives for custom die-cut business cards. They provide a unique feel when giving out as business cards as they are transparent. Maximize the space when printing these types of plastic business cards as you might want to lessen the blank and see-through spaces in the card.
  • Small-sized plastic business cards are suited for the minimalist design. Business card design for this type of plastic business card should focus on company name and contact details. Focus on the important business details is key to the minimalist design.
  • Use bold and black fonts to create the best possible contrast for all three types of business cards. Making use of light palette colors, pastel, or neon colors would fade into the transparent background.

You can check out these articles to create the best possible business cards and that includes for Plastic business cards:


How will any white areas or text appear on a plastic business card?

  • White plastic: white areas on the design blend in with the opaque background
  • Frosted plastic: white areas appear frosted, so readers end up seeing through the white colored text
  • Clear plastic: white areas appear transparent, so individuals will see through the print

Can I print magnetic strips, add sequential numbering or apply variable printing on my plastic business card order?
We recommend printing plastic business cards so your company stands out and becomes easy to recall during important meetings. We do not allow magnetic strips, sequential numbering, or variable printing on our plastic business card printing orders. But if you would prefer to print plastic promotional items, we suggest utilizing our plastic materials to produce discount cards fit for fine dining restaurant and luxury retail brands.

Does the printing turnaround time include the delivery transit time?
"Printing turnaround" is the number of days allotted to print your order, but does not include weekends and holidays. Shipping transit time is not included in turnaround time.

To find out when to expect your delivery, select “Get Estimate” at the bottom of the online calculator. From there, you can select a one day transit time to your area. Pickup options are also available for certain locations.


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Daniel 24 days ago
ronell.n 21 days ago

Plastic business card production days are 5 business days and 8 business days only. We do not have next-day printing for Plastic business cards. I would suggest to go for standard business cards

Megan a month ago
ronell.n a month ago

Do you have the specifications that you need? Like the size and paper type. The products you are looking for can be custom-made for you. Just let us know the specifications of the product and we can check if this can be customized for you.

Paulette 2 years ago
Cyrelle 2 years ago
Hi Paulette, Yes, we can add a hole drill for Opaque and White plastic only. We can accommodate 1/8,1/4 and 3/16" hole drills. This option may not be available on the website as an add-on. Feel free to call or chat with our product consultants for pricing.
Cyrelle 2 years ago
HI, Thank you for choosing Next Day Flyers for your printing needs. We require print-ready files for all our printing products. Feel free to give us a call or chat to further assist you with your design request. We may help you with logo enhancement.
Skye 3 years ago
Hi Jodie, Thank you for choosing Next Day Flyers as your partner in printing. Unfortunately, our plastic business cards are not made out of recycled material. You may check the websites for the materials we use for our products. Thanks again for your question.
Skye 3 years ago
Hi there, Thank you for choosing Next Day Flyers as your partner in printing. The plastic cards that we have are not like credit cards. Those are thicker and harder. The ones we have are thinner and a bit flimsy. Black printing would look better on a white plastic card. Cause if you go for frosted or clear this would still be see-through. For the white plastic cards as long as your design is black then the color of the card would be solid black. I hope I answered all your questions accurately. Again, thank you for reaching out to us.
Skye 4 years ago
Hi! Thank you for your question! We can check if we can do variable data printing for plastic business cards. We need to forward your request to one of our product consultants to check if the request if doable. Please provide us the full specifications of your potential order so we can get you a quote. You can submit a custom quote request here:
Brian S. 4 years ago
Skye 4 years ago
Great question! The plastic business cards does not have an excellent writability although it can still be written on given sufficient drying time but it is not the best stock for writing. we would recommend going with other business cards printed on cardstock. You can check out the different uncoated cardstock options available here: Should you want to check the different cardstocks we print our business cards on, you can request for a sample kit for free here:
Vanne 4 years ago
No worries. While we can print a QR code on the clear cards if this is included in the artwork, this is not something we recommend as the code may be difficult to scan. Since we do not print white ink on the cards, all white parts or areas in your design will be clear, and all colors may look a bit translucent. If you need a QR code printed on your cards, we would recommend going with other business cards printed on cardstock. You can check out the different options available here:
Jean K. 4 years ago
At this time our plastic business cards are only offered with rounded corners.
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