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Go for Classic, Crazy, or Custom Stickers

Sticker Printing Exactly the Way You Want It

Why should you choose NextDayFlyers for custom stickers? Simple: you can personalize them as you like, and we can have them printed and ready for shipping in as fast as 1 to 3 business days.

We offer a wide variety of sticker printing options to suit any application, whether it’s for promotions, giveaways, or to include in customer purchases.

If you’re looking for high-quality stickers at affordable prices, an easy ordering experience, and on-time deliveries, we’re the online printer for you.

  • Easy customization. From waterproof stickers to die-cut shapes, metallic designs to textured stock, our website order calculator lets you personalize stickers in any way you want.

  • Straightforward pricing. Get instant quotes on the website. Our order calculator automatically generates the price for your selected printing options. No hidden charges! We also provide shipping fees and cost options.

  • Expedited shipping. In a rush? In a rush? We have flexible printing turnaround options so you can meet even the tightest deadlines. Learn more about our printing turnaround times.

  • Online design tool. If you don’t have your own artwork file yet, use our website design tool to create one from scratch. We even offer free sticker design templates you can customize and tweak to suit your branding and message.

  • Complimentary file checks. Quality is important to us, as we know it is to you. You can also get a free proof at checkout to make sure your stickers will print exactly according to your design and specifications.

Utilizing Custom Stickers for Your Business

Not only are they convenient and very easy to apply, custom stickers are also a unique marketing solution that can help your business stand out from the competition. Stickers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the option to add the logo of your business or other elements that signify your brand. They are also very versatile and can be applied anywhere – from product packaging to marketing materials for trade shows. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate stickers to your business:

Enhance Your Packaging
The most common way to utilize custom stickers is through product packaging. This includes mailers or other correspondence you send to customers. Using custom stickers for packaging can be a good way to reinforce your branding across different platforms.

You can also use custom stickers to personalize letters for customers. Include a little detail about them, their first name or nickname for example, to make them feel valued.

Freebies to Boost Your Branding
While stickers are commonly used in product packaging, non-traditional surfaces offer the most possibilities. The best thing about stickers is they can literally be placed anywhere – bumpers, laptops, phone cases, tumblers, you name it.

Access these promising ad spaces by giving away free stickers to your customers. Having a great sticker design will make your customers more likely to slap your stickers on their valuables. A good design can also be a good conversation starter, especially if your sticker is spotted in an area that’s hard to miss.

For Gifts and Giveaways
Other than giving away free stickers, you can also use them to decorate or brand other giveaways such as mugs, journals, and power banks. Not only will customers appreciate them, but they will also remember your brand as every time they use the freebies.

However, high visibility could be counter effective if your custom stickers are made from low-quality materials that disintegrate easily, so don't let your marketing campaign be ruined by sloppy sticker printing. Go with an online printing company that knows the right way to print stickers. NextDayFlyers offers fast printing done right, with every step of the printing process geared towards efficiency and speed.

Tight deadlines are not a problem for us. We guarantee that you will receive your order in time, without cutting corners.

Print Custom Stickers Online With NextDayFlyers

Choose between individually cut, sheet, or roll stickers. Custom stickers are printed in four (4) formats that differ in material options and application benefits.

Individually cut stickers come in cut-to-size and kiss cut formats. Cut-to-size, also known as die-cut, are trimmed according to their exact size and shape. On the other hand, kiss-cut stickers have extra backing since the laser only cuts through the sticker design. Both formats are highly recommended for promotional handouts and freebies.

Sticker sheets allow multiple stickers designs to be printed on a single page, making it the most cost-effective option for bulk orders where application is done manually. This format is also the easiest to store and organize. Sticker sheets are best suited for return address labels, name tags, and packaging slips.

Roll stickers are printed on a continuous liner and wrapped around a cardboard spool. They are widely used with a dispenser for rapid application, but you can also stick them by hand.

Pick your sticker size and shape. Our standard sticker shapes include square, rectangle, circle, and oval. If you have a different design in mind, you can select the custom shape option and we’ll trim your sticker according to its exact size and shape.

Select the right material and finish. Our standard sticker shapes include square, rectangle, circle, and oval. If you have a different design in mind, you can select the custom shape option and we’ll trim your sticker according to its exact size and shape.

Select the right material and finish. We offer a wide variety of high-quality materials for all types of sticker applications. Depending on your preferred sticker format, you can choose from indoor and outdoor stocks like premium sticker paper, waterproof white vinyl, oil-resistant BOPP, and even textured adhesives. You can also choose between matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV to add a layer of protection.

To ensure your stickers look great, we follow a rigorous quality checkpoint system throughout our printing process.

Upload your own artwork directly to our site when you place your order.

Don’t have a design? No problem. Design your stickers online. Our online design tool has free templates to get you started.

Stickers for Promotions and Decor

Everyone loves custom stickers, which is why these tiny but mighty printing essentials can build recognition and visibility for your company. They’re also an affordable way to brand anything.

When someone uses your stickers, they’re making a personal endorsement of your brand and promoting it at the same time. Use them as packaging labels, advertising collateral, or as giveaways to customers.

Bumper stickers are one of the most popular ways to show support for causes and to advertise.

You can use stickers as gift tags printed with a business logo or family name.

Stickers are also popular with:

  • Food & beverage companies – Custom stickers are one of the easiest ways you can improve plain packaging. We have white vinyl and clear stickers that can withstand exposure to moisture and refrigeration.

  • Book & music shops – One popular way stores make use of printed stickers is giving them away for free when a customer makes a purchase. Create a great design or use witty catchphrases that will make people want to display your stickers on their laptops, journals, and other personal belongings.

  • Equipment manufacturers – Our roll stickers are great for large quantity stickers because they fit dispensers. Manufacturers use these to efficiently label boxes and equipment for shipping.

  • Sporting equipment stores – Incorporate your stickers into business initiatives. For example, you can give them away in exchange for a customer’s email address. People are more than happy to comply if they see how well-made your stickers are.

  • Transportation services – Bumper stickers are one of the most efficient ways to promote your business. We print on durable white vinyl. They’re long-lasting, waterproof, and will take your brand to many places.

Learn More About Custom Sticker Printing

Design Online With Free Sticker Templates

Customize stickers online—no design experience necessary.

With free customizable sticker templates, you can choose a design and edit it online using our website design tool. We offer templates you can filter according to sticker size, industry, style, and category.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stickers

Can I still get custom shapes if I print on roll stickers instead of cut-to-size?
You can print custom shapes on both individually cut and roll sticker formats. The main difference is that it will be easier to peel off stickers with more intricate designs using rolls because the backing is not cut all the way through.

What is a good sticker size?
The most popular sticker size is between 3 to 4 inches (3”–4"). This size is widely used for logo printing and short messages. It’s portable enough to use for customer freebies and can also fit most product packaging.

How soon can I get my stickers delivered?
For custom stickers, we can print and have them ready for shipping in 24 hours. For example, if you place your order and upload your press-ready files by 6 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, your order will ship or be ready to pick up between 5:30-7 p.m. PT the next day. Our printing turnaround time does not include weekends, holidays, or delivery times. Learn more about our printing turnaround times.

Do you print labels for bottles?
Yes. We print vinyl and clear stickers. Both can be used on bottles. White vinyl stickers are durable, water-resistant, and UV coated. They're great for outdoor use and resist any sweating that may occur on bottles.

Clear stickers are made of transparent polypropylene, which is tear-proof, waterproof, and oil-resistant. These stickers are refrigerator safe, so you can personalize them and use them on packaging for food and beverages that need to be stored in the fridge.

Is it cheaper to print my own stickers?
Yes. Printing and designing your own stickers is a cheaper option than buying ready-to-use stickers since you have control over the design and message formatting, giving you the chance to make your stickers reusable and timeless.

How much does it cost to print custom stickers?
The total estimate depends on the quantity and format of your order. You can check the estimate upon specifying your printing options on the online calculator.

Where can I use clear stickers?
You can place clear stickers on any smooth and clean surface. Using clear stickers is an effective way to label products like beverage bottles and food jars and make the contents inside visible. They also work great as window decor and glass signage. The printing results are clean and sharp.

Can I write on stickers?
Yes, choose from the following materials if you wish to write on your stickers:

Estate adhesive paper

  • Writable surface when no additional coating is applied
  • Ideal for wine and bottle labels
  • Has a textured, natural feel

70 lb. label paper
  • Writable with a permanent marker or ballpoint pen
  • Recommended for indoor use only
  • Not waterproof

Do your stickers come in a roll or separated?
We offer roll, cut-to-size, and sheet stickers.

Roll stickers are printed and spun around a cardboard spool. If you plan to apply many stickers quickly with dispensers in an assembly line, stickers on a roll are an efficient and high-quality option.

Cut-to-size stickers are separated individually. They're delivered in stacks and ideal to use as handouts.

Sticker sheets are aligned and printed on adhesive paper. You can have as many as 30 stickers on each sheet, depending on the sticker size you choose.

Are the stickers weather-proof?
Yes. Our most weather-proof material for stickers is white vinyl. Typically used for bumper stickers, this durable material is recommended for outdoor use because it can withstand exposure to wind, rain, and sunlight. If you are planning to place your stickers outside, it is highly recommended that you choose our vinyl stickers.

How many stickers are printed on one sheet?
The number of stickers per sheet will depend on the size of your stickers. We use 8.5" x 11" sheets.

There will be 30 stickers in one sheet if you choose stickers sized at 2.685” x 1”.

We can only print 10 stickers in one sheet for bigger stickers like 4” x 2”.

Use our pricing calculator to find the right number of stickers for your needs and budget.

What sticker size should I choose?
It depends where you will use your stickers. We offer and accept a wide selection of shapes and sizes for die-cut sticker printing.

Our most popular size is 2” x 2”. This works for a lot of products because it has substantial space for designs yet compact enough to fit inside your pocket.
  • 2” x 3.5” is around the same size as an average business card.
  • 2.5” x 3.5” stickers are perfect for name tags.
  • 3.5” x 4” is the usual size for printing wine labels.
  • 5” x 8” rectangular are best for larger labels that need to convey important information. This is commonly used for big shipping and packaging boxes.
  • 8.5” x 11” is the size of a piece of A4 paper. Use this size for sticker posters and messages that need to be visible from a few feet away.

Whatever the purpose of your stickers is, we have more than enough sizes to fully customize your order.

Are your stickers removable?
Our stickers are highly adhesive. We encourage taking extra care when using abrasives and oil-based substances to remove stickers, especially if they are on delicate surfaces like your laptop. However, our stickers are not reusable once removed, so carefully choose where you’ll apply them.

Here are more ways to remove stickers from difficult surfaces.

What kind of file should I send for my sticker design? Do you offer templates?
JPG is the preferred file type, but we also accept the following files: Illustrator, PDF, Photoshop, Publisher, and Corel Draw.

If you don’t have a design yet, we offer templates based on our sticker sizes. The templates tab can be found along with the product specs of the sticker page.

If you already have an existing design, simply upload your file at the second step of the sticker printing page.

How do I print a window sticker?
In our product calculator, select the size, material, quantity, and other features of your window stickers. You can also choose the quantity and printing turnaround of your order here. Once done, upload your artwork. If you don’t have a print-ready file, use our online design tool to create one or avail our professional design services. Proceed to checkout once you’re all set.

Written by: Leslie Taylor