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Sheet Labels for Easy Applications

Stick, stack, and store with ease when you print sheet labels. This efficient label format offers the application benefits of both cut-to-size and roll labels. Choose custom sheet labels when you don’t need a lot of pieces to print but they must be applied quickly.

Sheet labels are printed on 70 lb. label or white vinyl sticker and laser-trimmed on the sides, but not through the backing—so you can peel off the adhesives with no trouble at all. They’re the perfect solution for asset tagging and office labeling. With multiple labels and designs on a single sheet, you can easily stack your prints and store them safely without taking too much space.

Choose NextDayFlyers for your label printing needs.

We guarantee to have your orders ready for shipping in just a few business days.

Customize Sheet Labels with NextDayFlyers

Ready to get started? Our product order calculator makes it quick and hassle-free to print labels that suit any requirement. Here’s how to customize labels on our website:

Sheet size. Choose from four (4) standard sheet sizes. Our smallest size is 3.5" x 8" and our biggest sheet size is 8.5” x 11”. You can order a custom sheet size that fits a maximum of 8.5” x 11”.

Material. Our sheet labels are printed on 70 lb. label and white vinyl. 70 lb. label is ideal for indoor use. Choose from a matte, gloss, and high gloss finish. The surface of this material can be written on with a permanent ink marker. White vinyl sticker is our thickest and most durable label material. Though it’s not writable, this material is resistant to tears, moisture, refrigeration, and UV exposure.

Design. Since sheet labels can accommodate as many designs as you want, you can print variations of your logo or popular iconography that suits your brand.

Print custom labels with NextDayFlyers today.?Upload your design on the website and our dedicated prepress team can proof your artwork file for free to ensure that it’s print-ready.


How many labels can I print on a single sheet?
The number of labels you can print depends on the size of your labels and the sheet itself. Refer to the two tables below which illustrate how many labels you can get with a particular sheet size.

4" x 6" sticker sheet

Sticker size Number of stickers on a sheet
1" x 1" 8 stickers
2" x 2" 2 stickers
3" x 3" 1 sticker

8.5" x 11" sticker sheet

Sticker size Number of stickers on a sheet
1" x 1" 48 stickers
2" x 2" 12 stickers
3" x 3" 6 stickers
4" x 4" 2 stickers

How do I print different designs for every label?
The variety of designs for your sheet labels need to be set up accordingly in your artwork file.

How much do label sheets cost?
This depends on the number of labels and the material you order. To get an instant quote, select your preferred label printing specs on the order calculator. Our website automatically calculates and shows the price based on your preferences.

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