Custom Pouches

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Custom Pouches: Functionality and Freshness

Need packaging that’s easy to use, doesn’t take up too much shelf space, and keeps your products safe and fresh? Custom pouches are perfect for you.

Economical and versatile, custom pouches are ideal for products that do not require elaborate packaging. They’re also guaranteed to retain freshness and unwanted odors out. Whether it’s food, beauty products, or supplements, you can store it all in custom pouches.

Our pouch materials are made from heavy-duty barrier films (clear, white, and metalized) that block oxygen and moisture. These prevent spoilage and spillage, extending your products’ shelf life.

  • Clear Barrier Film is tear and crease-proof. It is perfect for showing the contents of the bag to customers.
  • White Barrier Film offers a good solid background for full-color printing.
  • Metallized Barrier Film gives a glossy, metallic appearance for a more eye-catching design.

Sizes and Styles to Help You Stand Out

Each pouch is printed in full color, enticing more customers to discover your brand and add your product to their shopping carts.

Available in different sizes and capacities, our custom pouches can store a variety of items. Whether it’s for single-serve coffee, nuts, or medicinal pills, these pouches are suitable for any product.

Choose between two (2) types:

  • Stand-up pouches have bottom gussets that allow them to stand tall and proud on the shelves. Perfect for products with more weight and volume.
    • Cereal, nuts, oatmeal
    • Powdered products
    • Flour, sugar, and other dry goods
    • Chips, pasta, and rice
    • Soap, shampoo, and cleaning products

  • Flat pouches have no gussets but have sides and bottom seals. These are ideal for products that do not require a lot of space and can be stored or displayed flat.
    • Wet wipes and face masks
    • Medicinal tablets and pills
    • Candies and gum
    • Small product samples
    • Other single-serve items

Custom Packaging You Can Count On

Custom pouches are widely used in the food industry because they are FDA-approved, help reduce waste, and save more money.

All pouches are heat-sealed to keep your products at their best. Pouches are pre-sealed on one side, leaving another side for you to insert your products.

Once you’ve loaded your products, you can heat-seal the pouches with an impulse sealer or a band sealer for higher volume. These create a professional-looking and air-tight closure that is perfect for powders and liquids. We recommend creating a wider seal (at least 5 mm) for better heat penetration.

Because of its complete salability, custom pouches contain the aroma of your products, so customers can smell its freshness once they open the packaging.

We also make storage and display more convenient for you and your customers. Add-ons like resealable zippers, hang holes, and tear notches make packaging handy and easy to display.

Choose NextDayFlyers for Custom Packaging

With NextDayFlyers, you can easily print packaging suited to your market. We offer options to suit all of your needs: custom boxes, gift bags, and pouches for retail, custom labels, and stickers to brand and stand out, and even heavy-duty packaging tape to keep items secure and tamper-resistant.

Offered in a variety of sizes and shapes, made with high-quality materials, and delivered to you on time, our packaging printing solutions will help you boost brand recall and grow your business.

Custom Pouches FAQs

Is there a minimum quantity per order?
You can order one (1) pouch sample or choose quantities from 100 to 50,000.

Is there a fee to add a tear notch to my pouches?
No, tear notches will be automatically added to your order at no extra cost.

What pouch size should I order?
You can select from up to a dozen custom pouch sizes, but you need to check how many items you plan to store in one bag. Size 3.25" x 4.75" x 2", our smallest option for stand-up pouches, can store a maximum volume of 1 oz. Our largest 12" x 12.5" x 3.5" can store up to 16 oz.

Are your custom pouches safe to use for food products?
Yes, custom pouches are one the most suitable packaging for food products. The high-barrier film we use keeps food secure, prolongs shelf life, and will not affect the contents’ taste or smell.

How soon can I receive my pouches?
To check the estimated delivery date of your order, you can input your ZIP code on the order calculator, and it will automatically provide shipping and cost options.

Is next day printing available?
Custom pouches printing would require more production time, so we don’t offer next-day printing for this product.

Can I get a sample of my pouch before I place a larger order?
We will send a digital PDF proof that you can review before production. There is also an option to order a single piece printed sample.