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Flyers for our Painting, Drywall business April 8, 2024 by Richard Rivera ( NY )
“Great service, fast shipping. Looking forward to purchase another order soon. Rich Jjv2Remodel LLC”
Verified buyer
December 12, 2022 by Brett Waters ( TX )
“It was easy to work with next day flyers. As a small business, I am always looking to find the best value and Next Day Flyers delivered quality, value, and timeliness. Thank you!”

Cover More Ground with Mailing Flyers

Reach your audience directly in their homes with the help of mailing flyers. Save time and money and let NextDayFlyers take care of your direct mail marketing. We can print custom mailing flyers for all your product promotions, special offers, and ad campaigns. Just choose your type of flyer, upload your design, send us your mailing list, and we’ll handle the rest. No mailing list? No problem! Just rent one from us and choose specific customers based on a set of demographics.

We make it easy for you to send flyers to your target market. Our wide range of options for flyer printing lets you create the perfect mailers for your business. Choose from folded, ready-to-mail sizes starting from 5.5” x 8.5” to 11” x 25.5”. Find the best material for your design and budget from our wide selection of economy and premium paper and cardstock. What is the best type of folded flyers for you?

  • Half-fold, also known as bi-fold flyers or brochures. This style simply folds your flyers in half to create two panels.
  • Trifold splits your custom flyers into three vertical panels, which works well for organizing sectioned information.
  • Z-fold flyers have an accordion effect. Each panel folds on top of another to resemble the letter Z. When unfolded, each side’s panels will spread out as a full page, providing space for larger designs.
  • Gatefold flyers have three vertical panels with two of the front panels folding inward to form a “gate”.
  • French fold divides your flyers into four panels. The paper is folded in half and then folded again perpendicular to the first fold.
  • Accordion 4-fold is similar to the Z-fold flyer but with four panels. The panels fold on top of one another sequentially.
  • Roll fold flyers are folded inwards from the right and the leftmost panel is folded over the rest of the sections.
  • Double parallel flyers fold your paper in half to form two panels, and then in half again, to form two parallel folds that go in the same direction.
  • Double gate flyers have four panels. Two ends of the paper are folded in the middle, then folded again to close.
Print mailing flyers today and we’ll help you set up your direct mail campaign.

Learn more about our direct mail services here.

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Mailing Flyer Advertising Delivers Killer ROI’s

With its low cost and high return on investment, flyer printing and direct mail are still popular among small businesses in the digital age. Targeted mailing flyers are especially popular with real estate businesses, healthcare providers, retail establishments, and finance companies. Our mailing flyer services cover the following services:

  • Mailing list rentals
  • Ink-jetting addresses on postcards or envelopes
  • Verifying current residents on mailing lists
  • Delivering your flyers to the post office
  • Overall supervision of the mailing process
Direct mail flyers can be used for virtually any promotional campaign you can imagine. Use them to announce events, product launches, and special offers. Folded flyers can also be used as a low-cost alternative to full-sized catalogs and are a good fit for businesses that only need to offer a few items.

They’re also popular with churches and nonprofits for a cost-effective way of promoting community activities. The wide range of sizes, stocks, folds, and finishes ensures that you can design and create a flyer that’s perfect for you. Try mailing flyer printing today.

Start a Direct Mail Campaign for Your Business

Try mailing flyer printing today. Here’s how to get started on your direct mail campaign.

  • Create your mailing list. Choosing the right audience demographics yields better results for your campaign. Develop your target market by age, income, neighborhood. If you have an existing customer mailing list, make sure that the addresses are updated.
  • Design your flyer. Our selection of flyer sizes, folds, and materials will help you create promotions that stand out in the mail. You can use a ready-made design or create one online with our design tool.
  • Include a CTA. To measure results, add a compelling call to action for your customers. What should they do next? Whether it’s to follow you on social media, give you a call, or obtain a discount on your website, you should encourage your audience to take action.
  • Test your campaign. Before sending out thousands of flyers, take the time to send at least 200 pieces and wait for the response. Marketers advise revising your campaign if you only receive a 2% response rate.


How long does it take to mail flyers?
For standard bulk mail, delivery takes 7 to 21 days. First-class mail delivery takes 3 to 5 days. This timeframe does not include our printing turnaround time. This is the time it takes for us to have your flyers printed and ready to ship out from our facility.

How much does it cost to mail flyers?
The cost of our mailing services depends on the type of flyer you choose.

How do I rent a mailing list for my flyers?
Just give us a call at 855-898-9870 so we can provide you a quote or have a live chat with our friendly print experts right on our website.

What is the most popular type of flyer?
For paper, our most popular material is 100 lb. in gloss coating. It’s lightweight but still durable for direct mail promotions. The most common types of flyers are trifold and z-fold, as these easily go well with general content.

Do you have flyer design templates I can use?
Yes, we offer editable design templates that you can adjust using our online design tool. You can filter the designs by size, style, and industry. We also have blank flyer templates that you can download on the Templates Tab. These include predefined guidelines to help you create your design. Simply choose your preferred flyer size and software file from the list.


ronell.n a month ago

Yes, inserting the flyers in an envelope is an option. We have a specialist that can customize your request. Feel free to call or chat with us so we can set up your order to your liking.

Skye 3 years ago
Hi there, Thank you for choosing Next Day Flyers as your partner in printing. we would like to ask what configuration we have in mind. If you are looking for some templates for our flyers on the order page there are a number of size templates we have there. Just make sure that you are creating this for the size you need. Again, thank you for reaching out to us.
Alexandra 4 years ago
Vanne 4 years ago
We currently don't offer mailing services for brochures or flyers inserted into envelopes on the website, but this is definitely something we can do as a custom order. To get started on a custom quote, you can give us a call at 855-898-9870 or submit a request here:
Jean K. 4 years ago
Hi there. We'll also need to know your preferred paper stock as well as order quantity to calculate the cost. You can input these requirements when you select your options on the product page, or give us a call at 855-898-9870 to better assist you.
Vanne 4 years ago
Great questions! 1. If you're looking to mail to certain zip codes, you may need either Every Door Direct Mailing (mailing to specific routes) or list rental services (rent a mailing list based on certain demographics). We offer both of these services. If you need list rental services you can contact our customer service team to start a quote request. If you need EDDM cards printed, you can check out this page for available options and prices for printing: 2. We can print foreign languages so long as the files we receive already have the text in the languare you require. 3. We would prefer PDF, but we also accept AI, PSD, PNG, and JPEG for the flyer designs; CSV or XLSX for mailing lists. 4. The pricing you see on this page is only for printing. To check options and get estimates for the mailing services, you can check the "Mailing Service" box and click Continue. A mailing list template will also be available on the next page. If you're unsure about the service you need, you can contact our customer service team so one of our specialists can point you in the right direction.
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