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Print a Calendar Featuring Your Business

It’s time that you create your own custom calendar. You can hang them in your retail store or around the office. Give them away to employees or loyal customers.

We offer saddle-stitched, wall-mounted photo calendars as well as magnetic calendars. Our wall calendars are printed on 100 lb. paper and have a high-gloss coating. Magnetic calendars use 20 mil. light magnets and 25 mil. moderate magnets.

Benefits of Using Custom Calendars to Promote Your Business

Despite being glued to phones and computers all day, we all still consult a wall calendar every once in a while. We often have one hanging in a prominent place at home or a magnetic one on the fridge that we use to plan schedules. Take advantage of this opportunity to be at the forefront of your customers’ minds by giving away custom branded calendars.

If you're still on the fence regarding calendars as promotional giveaways, check out how calendars can boost your brand and benefit your business.

1. Calendars Are Very Useful
People refer to at least one wall calendar regularly, making them very useful. Giving away free calendars also promotes goodwill among your customers since they see it as a gift, even with the calendar prominently displaying your logo and other brand elements. Due to their utility, your customers will not see branded calendars as a form of advertisement, rather as a welcome gift.

2. Provides Year-Long Exposure
Having branded calendars in your customers’ homes will provide a year-long exposure to your business, the services or products that you offer, and whatever marketing message is on the calendar's design. Moreover, the exposure is not just limited to the recipient of the calendar but also to everyone else who sees it.

3. Increase Brand Awareness
Use a custom calendar design to showcase what your brand is about. Place photos of your products, facilities, or a demonstration of your services on the design to creatively present to customers what your business offers. Eye-catching photos and stunning visuals will help communicate the benefits of your products or services to customers without the need for a lot of marketing buzzwords.

4. Calendars Are Simple to Use
Calendars are very straightforward: they show dates, holidays, and special events. Their utility is also simple, people check them all the time to plan appointments and vacations. Everyone knows how to use them – no need for any special instructions or assembly. You also don't have to worry about the size – a wall calendar or a magnetic calendar both serve the same purpose to people.

Inventory and distribution are also easy since calendars take up minimal space. They are lightweight enough to be mailed inexpensively.

5. Calendars Are Very Customizable
Other than the type of calendar, you can easily customize the specs that you want using the order calculator of NextDayFlyers.

Choose the size, the type of paper, coating option, and the page count among others for your custom calendar order. You can also check out our selection of calendar templates if you're looking to design the artwork yourself. Our free online design tool can also be used to upload your company logo, photos, and other elements into your artwork.

NextDayFlyers only uses high-quality materials for its calendar prints so you're assured of a durable calendar that does not fade easily.

Why Should You Make Your Own Calendar

Calendar printing gives you the most bang for your buck because business calendars can be displayed for an entire year before they’re replaced. It enables an entrepreneur to promote brand recognition in the hopes of increasing repeat business. Nonprofit organizations can sell or give them away as promotional calendars during fundraisers.