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Flyer Printing Made Fancy

Have the shiniest, eye-catching flyers in town with metallic flyer printing. Printing your own metallic flyers means having premium-quality flyers for promoting high-end products and services.

You can also use them as club flyers. The shiny design helps draw everyone’s attention while providing them with all the information they need.

Shine in Different Sizes

It doesn’t matter if your flyer design is big or small. We have several sizes to offer including 5.5” x 8.5”.

Our smaller sizes work perfectly as handouts during trade shows or conventions. They can also work as restaurant menus or as business advertising flyers.

Larger flyers are advantageous especially when handed out in person. The bigger the metallic flyers are, the more you’ll appreciate the coating that’s applied.

Premium Cardstock

Metallic flyers are a premium product. And you’ll be able to confirm that the moment you grab hold of these flyers.

Our full-color flyers are printed on thick 16 pt. cardstock that boasts of the following features:

16 pt. cardstock
  • Has a slightly heavier weight and thickness compared to the 14 pt. cardstock
  • Additional rigidity protects it from creases
  • Comes in two protective coatings: the high-reflective, vivid-detailed gloss or the subdued and muted matte on both sides.

Intense Glare

There are two coating options available: gloss and high-gloss. If you really want your personalized flyers to shimmer, the high-gloss option is the way to go. Otherwise, the gloss option would be more than enough to provide your flyers some luster.

Spot UV for the Win

As mentioned, you can apply gloss or high-gloss coating to your custom flyers. But what if you only want to highlight a specific area in your flyer design? What if you want a specific text or image to stand out more?

You can add spot UV to areas you specify in your artwork. This way, you can draw your customers attention to details you want to be emphasized.


What is turnaround time?
It’s the number of business days it will take to print your flyers. Shipping time is not included.

Can I apply the metallic coating in the back?
Yes, you can.

Are there flyer folding options?
We don’t have folding options for metallic flyers at this time.

Can I add rounded corners?
Yes. ?” or ¼” corner radius.

Metallic Printing File Preparation Guidelines

What should I keep in mind while creating the metallic design?

Use these design guidelines to create an effective metallic design:

  • Font size should be above 12 points.
  • Use Sans Serif fonts for readability.
  • The metallic shine is most evident in lighter colors. It will be less obvious in darker colors.
  • The mask and CMYK design file should match one another. Make sure each layer’s respective elements align with the other version of the design.

How should I prepare my file for metallic printing?

You need to submit a file with two layers. For metallic printing orders: the standard CMYK layer and the silver foil mask layer.

The mask layer should show where the metallic printing will be applied. Mark the metallic area with 100% K or black and then render the non-metallic parts in white.

For example, the images below show that the logo in black will be metallic, while the white background is the non-metallic section.

A normal CMYK layer


A layer for silver foil


The final printed product

Spot UV File Preparation Guidelines

What are the best design practices for spot UV printing?

  • Limit the text’s font size to a minimum of 7 or 8 points.
  • Border and stroke should be above 1.5 points.
  • Place a 1/16” gap between spot UV and metallic or foil printing areas. The spot UV areas cannot overlap with the metallic or foil printing sections.

How should I prepare my file for spot UV printing?

Your regular color file should come with a spot UV template layer that shows where to apply the spot UV printing.

Apply 100% K to the section that will have spot UV.

Color all other areas without spot UV as white.

A normal CMYK layer


A layer for spot UV


The final printed product


Jessica 4 years ago
Vanne 4 years ago
Great question! We can do a metallic effect over the entire front and/or back of the card, and we can also have a metallic effect on just specific areas. You can include a separate vector layer in your artwork to indicate which parts you want to add the metallic effect to. If you need assistance setting this up, you can contact our customer service team to help you out.
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