Fabric Banners

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Fabric Banners


  • Fast printing
  • Washable and wrinkle-resistant
  • Full color and scratch-resistant
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Stunning Up Close, Attention-Getting From Afar

Custom fabric banners are an effective and versatile way for businesses to promote products and services. High-quality printing on 100% polyester fabric makes for sharp, eye-catching colors when viewed up-close or far away. Our fabric banners are wrinkle-resistant with minimal light reflection.

Ideal for indoors, but also used for outdoor advertising, there are many places to showcase custom fabric banners.

  • Business lobby
  • Conference room
  • Store front
  • Tradeshow booth
  • Church
  • School

Easy to Hang

Depending on where and how your custom banner will be displayed, there are options for hanging to consider.

Grommets work well if you’re attaching your banner to a solid structure, like a building, window, reception desk, trade booth or railing. Use rope, bungee cords, suction cups or pear snap hooks—whatever works for you.

For best appearance, it’s recommended that grommets be placed every two feet. Options include:

  • All 4 corners - recommended if banners have both length and height of 3’ or less
  • Every 2 feet - recommended for banners with either length or height greater than 3’

Pole pockets are most commonly used to attach banners to light poles or scaffolding. It’s important to keep in mind that the final size includes the pole pockets. Consider leaving ample space above and below artwork so that it prints clearly without being disrupted by the pole pockets. Size options for top and bottom pole pockets are:

  • 2” accommodates 1” diameter pole and under
  • 3” accommodates 1.5” diameter pole and under
For more custom banner printing versatility, you can add both grommets and pole pockets.