Clear Stickers

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  • Transparent sticker material
  • Tear-proof & waterproof
  • Great for refrigerated products
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NextDayFlyers Clear Stickers Have a Modern Style

These clear stickers show off design details an opaque sticker wouldn't, which offers a number of new design possibilities. They are the first choice for an understated look and show off the surface underneath as well.

You can print clear stickers from NextDayFlyers for labels, promotional giveaways, artwork, and anywhere else you might use regular stickers. However, they can be used for applications and designs that simply wouldn’t work with opaque stickers. The opaque border around normal stickers, for example, might detract from the look of a design. Printing designs on clear stickers, helps designers avoid the problem of an unsightly border and looks more professional in many contexts.

These stickers are made of polypropylene which means they are tear-proof, waterproof, and oil-resistant. This makes them refrigerator safe, so you can personalize them and use them on packaging for food and beverages that need to be refrigerated or otherwise exposed to moisture. The clear material allows better visibility into transparent containers so the color and texture of food, juice, or other drinks can be seen clearly. They also offer superior durability and fade-resistance compared to paper stock stickers.


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