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Crystal Clear Branding With Clear Sticker Printing

Clear sticker printing gives you a lot of flexibility with how you apply branding. Transparent stickers allow you to show off the surface they’re stuck on, or complement transparent surfaces such as windows and clear bottles to show off the product inside.

They’re the perfect product for promotions on storefront windows and on car windshields. They’re also great for labeling refrigerator and cooler doors, as well as clothing where a white sticker would be less desirable. They’re a favorite labeling material of craft brewers and beverage makers for their professional look and ability to provide an unobstructed view of a bottle’s contents.

These transparent stickers are made of transparent polypropylene which means they are tear-proof, waterproof, and oil-resistant. This makes them refrigerator safe, so you can personalize them and use them on packaging for food and beverages that need to be refrigerated or otherwise exposed to moisture. The clear material allows better visibility into transparent containers so consumers can see the color and texture of food, juice, or other drinks clearly. They also offer superior durability and fade-resistance compared to paper stock stickers. This makes them an excellent option for outdoor applications or in situations where they may be exposed to sunlight.

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Clear Sticker Design Templates

NextDayFlyers has hundreds of free templates you can choose for your next design. Select one that best fits your clear sticker needs. Here are a few of our favorites:

Salons & Spas Stickers
Health Care Stickers
  • Health Care Stickers
    Add clear stickers to boost branding for your cosmetic bottles, essential oils, and other healthcare products.

Floral Stickers Templates
  • Floral Stickers Templates
    Using clear stickers with a floral theme provides an eye-catching contrast when placed on transparent or solid-colored surfaces.

Clear Stickers FAQs

Are clear stickers available individually cut?
No, our clear stickers are available in rolls of 250 stickers or more.

What is the material made of
Our clear stickers are made of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP). This material is an extremely durable substrate that resists tears, moisture, and UV exposure. These are also non-toxic, making it the perfect material to stick on food or medical items.

What different substates are available for clear stickers?

  • White BOPP – Tear-proof and waterproof material ideal for refrigerated items.
  • Clear BOPP – Perfect for a clean, transparent “no-label” look.
  • Rainbow Holographic BOPP – Add a playful dimension to your clear stickers with a rainbow holographic effect.


Vanne 4 years ago
Currently, clear stickers are only available on rolls. This can still be used outdoors since the clear BOPP has a permanent acrylic adhesive and can stick to most surfaces. Prints on this material are more fade-resistant compared to stickers printed on paper and this features a laminate on top of the print for additional protection, but how quickly it fades still depends on the exposure and use. You can contact our customer service team at 855-898-9870 to request for samples so you can get a better idea if this material would work for you.
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