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Bachelorette Party Stickers June 17, 2023 by Cassie ( NE )
“The stickers for a bachelorette party turned out amazing! Will definitely buy again.”
October 5, 2019 by Paula
“I bought the square business cards and the custom labels. Great quality, fast shipping. Would definitely use again!”
July 15, 2019 by Jerry
“The high quality label was delivered quickly and just as I specified.”
June 22, 2019 by Gabrielle
“They look great & they were made & delivered quickly”
May 11, 2019 by Sydney
“For once, my procrastination was rewarded. I took forever to design my labels and once I did, I needed them ASAP. Next day flyers delivered beautiful labels that arrived 2 days after I placed my order. So thankful for this service!”

Product Labels That Get Noticed

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the importance of label printing. But in the world of printed marketing, these little labels are just as important as brochures and business cards. A product label can be the deciding factor for the consumer between buying an item or not. With NextDayFlyers, you can get quality labels printed and ready for shipping in just 24 hours. We offer both individual cut-to-size and roll format, and a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials for you to choose from.

Labels not only catch the attention of your target audience but also help convince buyers to purchase your product, boost brand recognition, and grow your business. With limited space on a product label, there’s only room for key information and great design. After your brand logo, the most important part of your labels is the product name. Customers who come to the store looking for your product can immediately spot it on the shelves. Many consumers prefer shopping online these days, and well-made product labels make it easier to find for shoppers who aren’t able to view your products in person.

Many of today’s buyers want to be educated before they make a purchase. Add important nutritional information, ingredients, and usage instructions. Customers will see you as a reliable brand when you communicate the safety of your products and services. Help them identify with your brand by telling them what makes your brand and product story. For most internet stores, the first offline encounter with a customer is after the item has been delivered. Quality product labels and packaging effectively reaffirm a purchase. Create the perfect product labels for your brand with NextDayFlyers. Just confirm your order by 6:00 p.m. PT and it will be ready for shipping by 7:00 p.m. PT the next day.

Size and Space Go Together

Every product is different, which is why there’s a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from. Whether it’s for soap, shampoo, cosmetics, food, candles, or virtually any product, we‘ll help you create the right label for your brand. Print labels as small as 0.5” x 1” all the way up to 6” x 6.5”.

3.5” x 4” rectangle is commonly used for wine bottle labels. Some bottles may have different shapes or neck lengths, but this one is often used for 750 ml. wine bottles.
3” x 3” circle is popular for product labels. It matches easily with just about any type of packaging, such as boxes, cups, and cans.
2.5” x 3” rectangle is about the same size of a business card.

This type of product label size works best for added information like ingredients, instructions, and barcodes Whatever size you choose, make sure to carefully measure the space where your label should go. The perfect combination of space, typography, and information is important when designing labels. For product names and such, make sure you choose a font size like 10 pt. or larger that is readable from a good distance. If you’re working with a busy, patterned background, use a contrasting color for your text.

If you don’t have a label design, it’s easy to create your own using our online design tool. You can start with a blank file or browse our customizable design templates for inspiration. We also offer free file proofing to make sure your design is printed correctly. NextDayFlyers for quality, customizable labels and fast printing turnaround. Create your product labels today.


Should I choose cut-to-size or roll labels?
Our product labels are available in two forms: cut-to-size and roll. Cut-to-size product labels have a wide range of size options and are cut individually. Our roll labels are presented in a roll form for easier machine application. If you are ordering less than 250 pieces, we recommend cut-to-size labels. If you need more 250 pieces, roll labels are a better option.

What are the requirements in a label?
Depending on the product, your labels may have industry standards. If you are selling food, you’ll need to provide important details such as expiration dates, ingredients, and nutrition information. Other products may have hazardous ingredients, so those need to have warning labels. We recommend that you check the applicable packaging and labeling regulations for your business.

What is the difference between the label materials?

There are different material choices for cut-to-size and roll labels. For cut-to-size, you can choose between 70 lb. label or white vinyl sticker. 70 lb. label is uncoated, so it’s best for indoor use only. You can select add matte or gloss coating for added protection. White vinyl sticker is ideal for outdoor use and for products exposed to heat, refrigeration, or water.
Roll stickers offer white premium sticker paper, BOPP labels, and Estate adhesive paper. White premium sticker paper is also good for indoor use and comes with matte and gloss coating. BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) labels are made of mostly plastic, which they’re perfect for products exposed moisture, oil, and refrigeration. Our BOPP choices are white, metal-colored, clear, and rainbow holographic. Estate paper adhesives come uncoated, but you have the option to add a matte finish. They’re slightly textured and popularly used for wine bottle labels.

Can I write on the labels?
If you want to write on your labels, we recommend choosing 70 lb. label or Estate paper adhesives. They are both uncoated and easy to write on with any type of pen.

What is printing turnaround?
This is the time it takes for us to print product labels and have them ready for shipping. If you select “Next Business Day” as your printing turnaround, it will take us 24 hours to have your order printed and ready for shipping. Note that printing turnaround does not include weekends, holidays, and shipping transit time.

Get Started With Design Templates

Browse our free label design templates that you can easily customize with our online design tool. Just add your logo, change the text, and make it your own. Choose from a wide selection of industry label designs for food, drinks, and other popular products.

Here’s how to customize labels on the website:

Step 1. Choose a design template and click Customize.
Step 2. Use the design toolbar to add your own images, insert shapes and text, change colors, and more.
Step 3. Click Preview, Save, and Proceed to Order once you’re done with the design.


1 - 10 of 11 Questions
mikhaella.g a year ago

Hi! Thank you for your question! We can definitely check if we can have them be printed in a roll with a circle die cut in the middle. We would be happy to check if we can customize the order or provide you with alternative options available to meet your printing needs!


Please provide us the full specifications of your potential order so we can get you a quote. You can submit a custom quote request here:


Cyrelle 2 years ago
Hi Dan, Thank you for your interest in doing business with Next Day Flyers. Don't worry about the orientation or size we have available on the site, as we will follow the orientation of the artwork you will send. So, if what we have on the site is an 11"x8.5" landscape) we will process the file as is (portrait). Feel free to ask for FREE digital proof too, so that you can have a final look at the artwork before it goes to press.
Cyrelle 3 years ago
Hi Jitterfly, Good question. Our 70 lb labels are paper stickers only. You may choose from gloss, matte, and high gloss UV and this is the cheaper option. But since you mentioned using this for bar soap and if you wish to have a label that is waterproof or water-resistant, you may want to consider our vinyl stickers. Hope this helps.
Skye 4 years ago
Thank you for your question! The label material that will perfectly fit your need comes on a roll. We recommend you use the BOPP material as it tear-proof, waterproof and resistant to oil. This material is recommended for products that are exposed to water, oil, moisture or refrigeration. You can find the material here: by choosing the "Roll" option and change the material to White/Clear/Metallic BOPP. Should you want to check the different materials we print your orders on, you can request for a sample kit for free here:
Skye 4 years ago
Hi! Thank you for your question! You have the option to personalize the color of your custom printed labels by submitting an artwork of your preference so we can follow the design colors. Please note that you need to submit it in CMYK color mode as per printing standard. You may submit an artwork in a PDF format. Please provide us the full specifications of your potential order so we can get you a quote. You can submit a custom quote request here:
Tipphany 4 years ago
Skye 4 years ago
Hi! Thank you so much for your question! The labels can definitely be used for resale items. We have different sticker materials that would perfectly fit your need. For the individually cut stickers, we have 70 lb label that would be perfect for general label application and white vinyl which is the most durable material available for the individually cut labels. Should you want to check the different materials we print your orders on, you can request for a sample kit for free here:
Skye 4 years ago
Hi! Thank you for your question! The label material that will perfectly fit your need comes on a roll. You can choose the "Clear BOPP" by checking this link here Please select the "Roll" option and you be able to change the material to a clear BOPP. If the options you need can't be configured online, you can submit a custom quote request here:
Vanne 4 years ago
Great question! Both materials are used for individually cut stickers and have a crack-and-peel backing. The 70lb paper sticker is made of paper material so it's not waterproof and better suited for indoor use. This is also available in a matte, glossy, or high gloss finish. The white vinyl sticker is made of vinyl making it waterproof, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This is only available in a glossy (similar to high gloss) finish. To get a better idea of the difference between the two materials, you can also contact our customer service team to request free samples of both.
Vanne 4 years ago
Yes, we do! We can do variable printing (e.g. different names, flavors, scents, etc.) for custom orders if you can provide us with an excel file with the data to use. You can submit a custom quote request here: However, if you're looking to order different designs (e.g. different colors, different images), these can just be added as separate items to your shopping cart.
Vanne 4 years ago
All measurements on our website are in inches unless otherwise indicated. For the stickers, the sizes displayed can be portrait or landscape. We will follow the orientation of your file, i.e. if we receive a portait file for a 3" x 5" size, we will process it with a 3" width and 5" height, if we get a landscape file for the same size, we will process it with a 5" width and 3" height. You can always request for a free PDF proof as well to review how your file will print before we start printing it.
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