Remittance Envelope Printing Brings the Fun in Fundraising

For so many charities and nonprofit organizations, donations and voluntary contributions keep the wheels turning. Having remittance envelopes will help speed things along, making it easy for donors to slip their contribution in the mail. Remittance envelope printing allows you to insert information that would explain your cause better.

Custom remittance envelopes can also be used for political campaigns. It’s an efficient way to collect campaign contributions during political fundraisers.

Remittance Envelope Sizes

There are two remittance envelope sizes available:

  • #6-¾ (6.5” x 3.625”)
  • #9 (3.875” x 8.875”)

We use 70 lb. paper stock which is the ideal weight and feel. You can add lines to your envelope to have space for donor information. Both the inside and the outside of the envelope is uncoated so donors can handwrite information without fear of smudging.

Direct But Polite Fundraising

It’s easier to start conversations with donors when you have remittance envelopes. It's as easy as handing them the envelope, explaining your projects, and receiving it back after. This allows you to be direct with your approach without being seen as aggressive.

These envelopes are especially useful to give away on special occasions such as speaking engagements, fundraising events, or during personal meetings with potential donors. You can also include them in organizational newsletters, annual reports, and request letters to interested parties.


Skye 2 years ago
Yes, we can! The envelopes would need to be ordered separately. You need to add the specifications of the first item on your cart then click on continue shopping for you to add the second item before proceeding to check out. Then you can select the envelope size you need here: https://www.nextdayflyers.com/envelope-printing/ If the options you need can't be configured online, you can contact our customer service team for assistance, or you can submit a custom quote request here: https://module.nextdayflyers.com/secure/custom-printing-quote
Stephen 3 years ago
Vanne 3 years ago
Great question! The envelopes will definitely be shipped folded (already assembled). Some of the templates only show the layout of the envelopes when laid out flat to serve as a guide in file preparation and layout.
Vanne 3 years ago
Yes, we can print on the bottom and back flap of the envelope. Full color printing on the outside means we can print on all areas on the outside of the envelope (imagine how an envelope looks before folding and gluing--we can print on everything on the same side as the front of the envelope). Should you need printing on the inside as well (usually people need this to add details under the back flap), you can select the "Full Color" or "Black or Grayscale" option for the inside. To get a better idea of how this works, you can request a template for this envelope style by sending an e-mail to customercare@nextdayflyers.com. Make sure to note the envelope style and size you need, and if you need printing on both the outside and the inside.
Customer C. 4 years ago
Our printed remittance envelopes come with the flap intact. To get special pricing for adding perforation to a set of custom remittance envelopes, please call 855-898-9870 and ask to be transferred to our custom team.
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