10x13 Booklet Envelope Printing

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10 x 13 Envelopes


  • 10" x 13” finished size
  • 70 lb. uncoated opaque paper
  • Perfect for mailing folders, magazines, and reports
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Deliver a Big Impression With 10" x 13" Envelopes

Don't believe the hype that the internet has taken over direct mail. That is far from the truth. People love receiving direct mail and it is still one of the most popular choices for local advertising, with a 43% share of the market. 70% of Americans agree that direct mail is more personal than internet mail, and 40% of consumers said they are willing to try a new product after receiving direct mail. 10" x 13" envelopes deliver your advertising right to your customers' doors.

Our envelopes are made with top quality 70 lb. uncoated paper, and this 10" x 13" size gives plenty of room to print your own design in full color. It is also the best size to send booklets, folders, or other large marketing materials to potential customers. With proper segmentation and the right combination of internet and direct mail marketing, you'll be able to hit your target market in no time.

The best way to create a big impression is to take advantage of the wide printing space these envelopes provide by personalizing them. The front of your envelope can easily communicate the message you want. It's just a matter of creating an effective design and uncluttered layout to clearly convey your message.

Print your full-color logo, as well as a memorable design, and your return address as well, on the front of the envelope. Use the large space to tease what they will see inside the envelope. Take note of your target market, especially their interests, and tail it accordingly. Motivate your recipients with a relevant call-to-action.

Order 10" x 13" envelopes today to start your marketing campaign and print them as fast as tomorrow.


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