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4 Most Effective Places for Your Sticker Marketing

Recently updated on January 20th, 2018 at 01:46 am

Stickers are one of the most versatile marketing tools that you can use. Even today when online advertising dominates the industry, sticker marketing can still open up new possibilities for promotions. For instance, stickers are a weapon of choice for politicians to drive their messages to the voting public. Of course, businesses have used sticker marketing for more than half a century, using them for guerilla marketing tactics, outdoor campaigns, and giveaways.

A lot of factors can affect your sticker marketing. In my opinion, however, none of them are more critical to the success than the placement of the sticker itself. “Place” is one of the pillars of the 4P marketing mix model for a reason. Your sticker marketing should be at the right place at the right time in order to attract the ideal customer. Thus, it is crucial to evaluate where your stickers should be.

Here’s a list of the most effective places for your sticker marketing.

1. On Your Car Bumper

One of the classic places for stickers is a car bumper. Personally, I would even characterize the bumper sticker as uniquely and quintessentially American. Witty and provocative, (ok, done well, it is, at least) the car bumper sticker has cemented itself to be the de facto space for social and political views. But beyond that, the car bumper is an effective marketing space.

Environmental bumper sticker "Save the Forest"

Think of your bumper stickers as mini-billboards that move around to reach a potentially limitless number of people.  Use them on your company vehicles, especially if you have delivery services. You can distribute them to your employees too so they can advertise your business everywhere they travel. The only limit is how far you go.

2. On Your Product Packaging

In the absence of an intermediary, your product packaging can even be the deciding factor on whether your customer will purchase your product or not. Thus, you should pay careful attention to how you use it to attract their attention.

Sticker marketing using product packaging

With stickers, you can emphasize important sales information to your potential customers about your product, right on the package. You can list the most exciting features, ingredients, or even instructions on how to use your product. Incorporating stickers in your product design will draw your customer’s gaze so you can use that to your advantage.

3. Within Your Community

Are you having a big sale? Doing a “buy one, get one” promotion? Stickers can be a great alternative to flyers if you don’t have enough manpower to distribute the latter. Your sticker marketing campaign can be your substitute salesperson to generate interest on your business and encourage potential customers to check out your sales and promotions.

The best places in the community to put your stickers are on poles, posts, signs, and bench armrests. Reddit, the self-dubbed frontpage of the internet, actually started with the strategy of posting stickers wherever the founders went to create buzz. 

One of the early Reddit stickers posted by Star Trek alum Wil Wheaton.
One of the early Reddit stickers posted by Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton.

While this guerilla tactic may have been effective back then, a lot of cities now have ordinances against posting materials on government property. Always ask permission if you start sticker marketing within your community. Ask if there’s a designated place available where you can put up your stickers.

If you decide to use stickers within your community, your design needs to be bright enough to attract their attention. Don’t worry about your stickers getting damaged by the outdoor elements. Our paper adhesive stock and coating make your stickers strong enough to withstand the weather for a reasonable amount of time.

4. At Trade Shows and Company Events

Who doesn’t want freebies? I for one like giveaways whenever I go to sponsored events. It goes to show that the company cares enough to prepare something special for attendees. This is doubly effective for companies which have memberships. Your members are proud to be a part of your community.

Round stickers ready for distribution

Help them show this pride by giving them something that they could brand themselves with. Think rectangular stickers showing “I survived <event>” or “Proud to be a member of <company>”. With stickers, you can be a part of your customer’s identity while they can be a part of yours.

Where else do you think sticker marketing could be effective? Share with us your thoughts below!

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