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Go Beyond With QR Code Stickers

Transform how your marketing methods interact with the world with QR code stickers. These can help elevate your brand, bridge the physical and digital, or simplify information sharing. Start with your unique message or link, then translate it into these scannable wonders that open up a world of digital connectivity. QR Code stickers aren't just patterns to the naked eye; they're portals to the vast digital realm, making them truly tailored to your intent.

Materials That Translate Across Mediums

Depending on your needs, QR Code stickers can be printed on various mediums, from weather-resistant vinyl for outdoor use to standard paper for indoor displays.

70 lb. paper stock is a thin and lightweight sticker material that is suited for indoor use. You can choose from matte, gloss, or UV high gloss finish. A matte coat is perfect for earth tones and text-heavy designs. Gloss makes images more vibrant while UV high gloss has a special coat that makes every color stand out.

White vinyl is our most durable sticker stock. It’s resistant to tears, scratches, and moisture. These are perfect for outdoorside applications, such as car bumpers, bike helmets, and glass windows.

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