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January 7, 2022 by David B
“Image is clean and crisp and the decals adhered properly. Couldn't be more pleased.”

Turn Heads to Your Storefront With Custom Window Decals

Utilize window stickers to raise brand awareness and attract attention. Unleash the full potential of your storefront windows as unparalleled marketing tools. Combine visual merchandising with inviting copy that’s sure to tempt customers to go inside.

Window stickers are versatile and can be customized to fit to specific requirements. Use them to advertise limited time discounts, or seasonal offers such as Black Friday sales. They also work as convenient festive decorations such as Halloween and Christmas window stickers. Window stickers can also display store-specific messages that can be read from afar like ‘Open 24 Hours’ and ‘All Day Breakfast’ so customers know what to expect even before going inside. With the current pandemic, these stickers can also display sanitation guarantees to assure customers about your shop’s safety measures and encourage them to trust your business.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Window Stickers

Window stickers are available using three different materials: cling, vinyl, and perforated vinyl. Each one has its own strengths and work best with a specific requirement. Choose one that fits your needs:

Static Cling

  • Comes in a clear or white background
  • Viewable on both sides
  • No adhesive required to stick to glass or window surface
  • Removable and easy to reposition

Adhesive Vinyl

  • Viewable on one side
  • Sticks on outside of glass
  • Uses low-tack adhesive that’s removable and repositionable
  • Best for image heavy and colorful designs

Perforated Vinyl

  • Transparent material with a black backing
  • Sticks on outside of glass
  • Uses low-tack adhesive that’s removable and repositionable
  • Best for image heavy and colorful designs

Applying Window Stickers on Vehicles

NextDayFlyers’ window stickers can be applied on most window surfaces, including those in vehicles. Your car, van, or truck can act as an extension of your branding efforts as you ride about town displaying your logo and brand message. Advertise your business in high-traffic areas where ordinary marketing methods can’t reach. Depending on the sticker material you choose, it can be removable or semi-permanent as well. Removable window stickers are a convenient and effective way to increase brand awareness as you can switch the stickers from different vehicles in your fleet. Semi-permanent vinyl stickers placed on windshields provide an eye-catching avenue to display your brand.

Quick Design Guide for Creating Custom Window Decals

Designing stickers for transparent windows may involve a bit more thought. You have to consider opacity, privacy, and of course, aesthetics. To start with, here are a few ideas to consider when designing your custom window stickers:

  • Start with size - The best place to start with in designing window stickers is the surface area you’ll be applying on. How big is the window and how large do you want your sticker to be? Getting the dimensions or size requirement right is crucial in creating the right window sticker. Make sure your measurements are precise to avoid complications once the sticker is ready to be installed.
  • Pick where it sticks - With window stickers, you have the option to put the adhesive material on the front or on the back of the decal. Back-side adhesive makes the stickers more visible since there’s nothing in between to obscure the view, giving it a more vivid look and letting the design pop out more. Having window stickers with a front-side adhesive, on the other hand, gives it an extra layer of protection. Since it’s seen from inside the glass, the sticker is safe from any scratches and scuffs from outdoor elements, helping to prolong its usage and durability.
  • Clear or opaque – Do you want visibility from both inside and outside? For window stickers, you can choose to print designs that offer a completely opaque view, two-way visibility, or even one-way visibility. Clear stickers look clean, professional, and elegant, while opaque stickers are more legible for the viewer and provides a more obscured view should you require some privacy. Perforated vinyl gives you the best of both worlds – passersby can see your message clearly without obstructing your view outside your window.

Window Sticker Care Instructions

With proper care and maintenance, window stickers can last for years and still look good as new. Follow the steps below to ensure that your decals are always in tip-top shape:

  • Regularly handwash once a week using mild soap and water. Don’t use power washers and strong chemicals as it may damage the sticker.
  • If you notice dirt, grime, or mold buildup underneath the window sticker, remove it immediately and clean both the window and the sticker thoroughly.
  • Once clean and dry, you can re-apply the window sticker on your desired surface.

How to apply window stickers

  • Measure the sticker and the surface. Make sure there is enough room for the whole sticker.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface with mild soap and water. Pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Using a bottle spray, lightly mist the window surface.
  • Peel off the protective backing from the window sticker and place it on the glass.
  • Starting from the center, use a squeegee to apply the sticker. Smooth out any air bubbles that may pop up.

How to remove window stickers

  • Clean the sticker and the surrounding window surface with mild soap and water. Pat dry.
  • Using a new razor blade, slowly peel away the sticker starting from the corners.
  • Once fully removed, wash the window surface of any sticker residue, if any.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse my window stickers?
Yes, you can. Our window stickers can be removed and repositioned. Just follow the steps above on how to remove and reapply the sticker without damaging it and the window surface.

Will window stickers damage my glass?
No, it will not. Our window stickers are removable and leave no residue. If there’s a buildup of dirt and grime, you can remove the window sticker, clean it and the surrounding area, and stick it back on.

Can I create my own design on your website?
Yes, you can. NextDayFlyers offers an online design tool where you can create a design from scratch or choose from hundreds of free templates. Our easy-to-use and intuitive design tool lets you quickly add photos, colors, shapes, and text to your design before proofing and printing.

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