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What to post versus what to print

It has become clear over the last decade that marketing materials should not be identical across separate formats, especially regarding print and the web. However, there remains debate over what kind of material should be printed and what should be left for the internet.

First and foremost, never print material that is already on your company’s website. It only serves to irritate and patronize consumers, not to mention wasting a significant amount of paper and money. Most consumers prefer to receive general information through websites with more detailed information in brochures, flyers or booklets. Hook them in with your web presence, then market them with print.

“The web has become more of a prospecting tool, and print is what you send to those candidates who have leapt through the first qualification hoop,” writes Anne Holland for

Still, many marketers fret that printed materials are less efficient because consumers cannot interact or specify their interests, as they can online. To compensate, think outside the box about your print marketing campaign. Perhaps query prospective clients or customers in a short survey. Narrow down your individual consumers’ wants and needs and create your detailed printed materials accordingly. Personalized marketing will make your consumers feel that you care bout their experiences. And everybody wants to feel special.

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