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Die-Cut Postcards: A Quick way to Double your Bang for Buck

“…Comedian Steven Wright tells a joke about a friend who sent him a postcard.
On the picture side, there was a beautiful shot of the planet earth as seen from outer space. On the address side was the message, ‘Wish you were here.’

Alan Rosenspan1

From a marketing perspective, can you guess one of the most effective ways to reach people at home or work? If you guessed something Internet related – guess again. The answer is mailers.2 Sound old fashioned? Maybe. Still effective? Definitely. Particularly when you have a stand out mailer such as a die-cut. Die-cut postcards are cost effective, innovative, and versatile. Check out these ideas you can use for your die-cut card campaigns:

1. Double Postcards as a Response Vehicle

Double postcards make it a cinch for your customers to respond to you. In 1992 there was a book titled Million Dollar Mailings which featured all time successful mailings1 – including a chapter on double postcards. Create your perforated card in a way so the name and address of the customer is on both cards. The customer tears the cards apart, checks a box or equivalent, and mails one back to you.

2. Detachable Gift or Reward Card

Create your die-cut so it becomes a detachable gift, reward, or membership card, making it easy for your client to spend more money on your products or service.

3. Keepsake – Keep your Brand on their mind

If your die-cut in some other way makes a person want to hang on to it, and you print “keep this card” on it, they often will. This is great for brand awareness and launching a new product or business. And guess what, when they have need of our product or service your information will be right on hand.

Cool Examples of Next Day Flyers Custom Die-Cuts:

Video Showcase

Remember, not everyone uses the Internet, keeps up with Twitter, or even knows how to find YouTube – but everyone gets mail.


  1. Postcards from the Edge by Alan Rosenspan
  2. Five Inexpensive Direct Mail Tools to Generate Sales Leads Fast by Dean Rieck


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8 thoughts on “Die-Cut Postcards: A Quick way to Double your Bang for Buck

  1. Yes good questions. Die cutting is exspensive with other printing comps which is why I haven’t used them. How much is this worth? How mush will this cost me?

  2. nextdayflyers should have a section on the website that list the dies they have so some designers can utilize the existing ones instead of pay for a new die.

  3. We run different die cuts at different seasonal times. If you click on specialty die cuts at top of thick cardstock section on homepage we currently have 4 die cuts listed – heart card, margarita card, flower card, and perf out business card. The margarita card, for instance, is $89.95 for 100 for 2-4 day printing.

  4. Die cutting is expensive but its also away to really grab attention.

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