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Die-Cut Postcards: A Quick Way to Double the Bang for Your Buck

Recently updated on October 28th, 2019 at 06:01 pm

“…Comedian Steven Wright tells a joke about a friend who sent him a postcard.
On the picture side, there was a beautiful shot of the planet earth as seen from outer space. On the address side was the message, ‘Wish you were here.’

Alan Rosenspan

From a marketing perspective, can you guess one of the most effective ways to reach people at home or work? If you guessed something internet-related — guess again. The answer is mailers. Sound old fashioned? It shouldn’t. Still effective? Definitely. Particularly when you have a stand out mailer such as a die-cut. Die-cut postcards are cost-effective, innovative, and versatile. Check out these ideas you can use for your die-cut card campaigns:

Double Postcards as a Response Vehicle

Double postcards make it a cinch for your customers to respond to you. In 1992 there was a book titled Million Dollar Mailings which featured all-time successful mailings – including a chapter on double postcards. This refers to two postcards held together by a perforation. You can easily create perforated cards with the name and address of the customer on both cards. The customer tears the cards apart, checks a box or equivalent, and mails one back to you. A quick, effective response.

Detachable Gift or Reward Card

Create your die-cut with a detachable gift, reward, or membership card, making it easy for your customers to spend more money on your products or services.

Keepsake – Keep your Brand On Their Mind

If your die-cut in some other way makes a person want to hang on to it, and you print “keep this card” on it, they often will. This is great for brand awareness and launching a new product or business. And guess what, when they have the need for our product or service your information will be right on hand.

Cool Examples of NextDayFlyers Custom Die-Cuts:

Remember, not everyone uses the internet, keeps up with Twitter, or even knows how to find YouTube – but everyone gets mail.


  1. Postcards from the Edge by Alan Rosenspan
  2. Five Inexpensive Direct Mail Tools to Generate Sales Leads Fast by Dean Rieck


8 thoughts on “Die-Cut Postcards: A Quick Way to Double the Bang for Your Buck

  1. Yes good questions. Die cutting is exspensive with other printing comps which is why I haven’t used them. How much is this worth? How mush will this cost me?

  2. nextdayflyers should have a section on the website that list the dies they have so some designers can utilize the existing ones instead of pay for a new die.

  3. We run different die cuts at different seasonal times. If you click on specialty die cuts at top of thick cardstock section on homepage we currently have 4 die cuts listed – heart card, margarita card, flower card, and perf out business card. The margarita card, for instance, is $89.95 for 100 for 2-4 day printing.

  4. Die cutting is expensive but its also away to really grab attention.

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