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Use Print to Advertise Savings This Summer

The retail industry tends to experience a slight surge in the summer months, as consumers go on vacation and have a bit more cash to throw around. But with this summer coming amid a fragile economic recovery, many analysts are unsure how consumers' spending habits will change, pointing out the need for strong marketing and promotional campaigns.

A number of recent studies have shown that Americans are allocating otherwise non-discretionary spending toward rising food and gasoline prices. Accordingly, retailers should be sympathetic with this sentiment and offer programs, deals or savings for this reason.

Not only will such a campaign attract consumers, it will also increase relations with them, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is through direct mail and print circulars. Use flyers and brochures to advertise the services you offer and the summer savings to be made.

"You should first focus on identifying the different buyer personas within your target market and how their needs are different," writes Michael Brenner for Business 2 Community. "You can then create an editorial calendar to deliver that content in different forms across your website and in your outbound promotions."

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