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The durability of print and direct mail

Achieving substantial value from your print marketing campaigns may take some trial and error, but few experts believe the medium is no longer effective.

Cynics point to its dated nature in light of online or digital media. However, they fail to recognize that innovation does not imply other methods becoming obsolete. Take film or analog technologies, for example. These fields have had to deal with their own digital rivals in recent decades – DVDs, CD, mp3s, etc. – but the traditional formats – analog film, vinyl records, FM radio – have still found their niche market.

Printing industry consumers and professionals would do well to view their market in the same light. As social media, search engine optimization and other exciting technologies continue to evolve, print will continue to serve its own unique and incomparable function, progressing the tactile appeal with which consumers have come to associate it.

Direct mail marketing is one example of a promotional strategy that is yet to be matched by a digital alternative. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 79 percent of households read or skim through direct mail materials.

"If you always take into account how much a customer is worth," John Schulte for Direct Marketing News, "it's hard to go wrong in direct mail."

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