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The Closing Gap Between Print and Digital

Merging print or traditional media with contemporary digital devices can provide both consumers and businesses with a more comprehensive and engaging experience.

Businesses can use digital technologies such as social media to track their prospects across multiple channels, gauging their return on investment while also finding new leads. Consumers, on the other hand, are afforded more options in how they find and choose products and services.

Writing in Business 2 Community magazine, Cynthia Fedor points out how leveraging print as a means of supporting digital can "effectively track responses from offline channels in real time, collect consumer data in order to personalize communications and provide more relevant content, expand brand reach by connecting offline with online and increase response rates and more effectively measure ROI."

Recent innovations in marketing, mobile, social and web technologies are beginning to close the gap between the print and digital worlds, which, over the past several years, have diverged in response to greater demand for faster and easier mediums such as email and social media.

But aside from the evolving marketing landscape, the global economy is also beginning a strong recovery. Accordingly, businesses should ensure that their marketing strategies change with the times.

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