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Print advertising the best bet for early stage small businesses

Because average consumers are barraged with advertisements on a daily basis, they have become skilled at tuning out irrelevant or useless information. This has made it particularly difficult for cash-strapped small businesses trying to elbow their way into a share of the market.

But great ad campaigns do not start with multi-million dollar investments; they start with a great idea backed by a great product.

For small businesses in the earliest stage of development, print is likely the best place to start your marketing initiatives. While you should also maintain a web presence that includes social media and email, print is the most effective means of directly reaching consumers at this early stage of growth. Once a comfortable customer base is built, expand into search engine optimization, keywords, web advertising and other online marketing platforms.

"(Print ads) should appeal to the reader's self-interest or announce news," writes Entrepreneur magazine. "An ad that takes the 'you' point of view and tells readers how they will benefit from your product or service piques and keeps their interest. And if, in addition, it has news value ('Announcing a bold new breakthrough in moisturizers that can make your skin look years younger'), your ad has a better than fighting chance."

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