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Marketing tip: Saturate the market, but don’t overwhelm it

When it comes to direct mail marketing, small business owners should aim to maximize their brand exposure and essentially saturate prospects and consumers with company news, deals and offerings.

However, there comes a point where marketing can become an intrusion on individuals' daily lives, whereupon they may angrily neglect or even condemn your business. What's important is that you know when this line is crossed.

Direct mail is particularly tricky, as consumers have become quite adept at recognizing what's important and what's useless. Accordingly, make sure your marketing ideas and services maintain a degree of integrity that few prospects can do without. After all, marketing is about convincing consumers that they need your company's products or services.

Consider direct mail postcards, for instance. "Sending (new prospects) the same postcard multiple times will help to increase recognition and eventually result in increasing your response rate," writes Kevin Bourne for

"However, when you deal with existing customers and prospects who are well aware about your business dealings then you may want to mix things up a bit to keep you postcard fresh," he adds.

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