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Marketers should consider the psychological effects of their print media

As the economy slowly begins to improve and businesses begin to notice the ever-deepening pockets of consumers, analysts can expect their marketing budgets to broaden as well.

Recent surveys have already shown that the majority of small and mid-sized businesses plan to increase their marketing spending in 2011, and for those who find themselves in this boat, understanding the innately psychological nature of marketing before moving ahead is key.

Writing in Entrepreneur magazine, Susan Gunelius outlines 10 emotional "triggers" that marketers use to reach consumers: fear, guilt, trust, value, belonging, competition, instant gratification, leadership, trend-setting and time.

Due to its inherently visual nature, these emotions may relate particularly to print media. While the moral connotations of tapping into these emotions is a subject best left to marketers themselves, it is important that businesses embrace these triggers as a means to clarify their initiatives, their goals and their methodologies.

Accordingly, business should consider how these emotions are reflected in their flyers, direct mail and even more textual mediums such as newsletters.

"People see a lot of marketing messages every day, so you have to give them a reason to digest yours by making them feel something when they see or hear it," writes Gunelius. "Feelings are powerful, and copywriting offers a unique opportunity to tap into that power and leverage it for your business's gain."

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