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Love our new stickers! March 10, 2023 by Laura D. ( PA )
“Love our stickers! Great quality and excellent quality.”
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February 23, 2023 by Kaela Jessen ( LA )
“The stickers are great! High quality print and made out of nice material! ThankS”
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Excellent Purchase January 6, 2023 by LaTasha Nathaniel ( TN )
“The product exceeded my expectations, at a reasonable cost!”

Sticker Printing Showcases Your Brand

Custom stickers are an effective tool for your marketing arsenal. Customers love decorating their personal items and will use your design as laptop stickers or on other surfaces. Every sticker placement becomes your own free advertising space.

We offer three practical and creative options for custom sticker printing. Individually cut stickers are pre-cut and delivered in stacks, perfect to use as handouts. They include scores in the back for easy peeling.

Roll stickers are spun around a cardboard spool that fits most label dispensers for rapid application. You can also manually apply roll stickers. The roll option comes in a wide range of sizes that suit every custom sticker label.

Sheet stickers let you create multiple designs in different shapes and sizes on a single sheet. This gives you the flexibility to customize the sticker print, such as printing different guest names. This sticker format is designed to be applied by hand.

Stand out even more with custom stickers in die-cut shapes. Die-cutting uses your preferred custom shape or die to trim the sticker. For a more playful take, you can opt for kiss-cut stickers. Similar to die-cutting, kiss-cut technology uses special blades that don’t cut through the paper backing, giving you more room for creative executions. Kiss-cut gives you the ability to print intricately designed stickers without the risk of tearing during transit.

Individually cut sticker printing uses two (2) materials. White vinyl sticker is the most durable option for cut-to-size stickers, with UV-resistant gloss lamination. Able to withstand high to low temperatures, white vinyl is perfect for outdoor use. For indoor applications, choose uncoated 70 lb. label which also has a writable surface.

Roll stickers come in three (3) materials. White premium sticker paper is our most popular indoor material and comes with semi-gloss finish. Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) stickers are suitable for stickers that might be exposed to water, oil, moisture, or refrigeration. Our BOPP stickers come in four (4) color options: white for an opaque finish, clear for that transparent look, silver metallic, and rainbow holographic for an iridescent effect. Estate adhesive stickers come uncoated with a natural texture, but you can add a matte finish for extra protection. This sticker is suitable for elegant and minimalist designs. Choose from three (3) types: white vellum, white laid, and white cream texture.

Sheet stickers are available in (2) materials. For general indoor use, 70 lb. label is a great choice. Its surface is writable with a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker. You may opt to apply a finishing coat to boost colors and add an extra layer of protection – choose from matte, gloss, and high gloss finish. White vinyl sticker is an extremely durable sticker material that is resistant to tearing, moisture, and UV exposure. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Get your custom sticker printing done quickly with NextDayFlyers. Use our online design tool to help you get started.

Creating Creative Custom Stickers

The beauty of custom stickers is that you have complete freedom on the design direction. However, especially when it comes to design, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The overall artwork should be cohesive and visually appealing, especially if you’re using the stickers to market your brand or product. Here are some tips to think about when designing your next batch of custom stickers:

  • Shape matters – The right shape can communicate the right message. Round and square stickers hone in on the design in the center, which is usually a brand logo. Heart-shaped stickers are perfect for Valentine’s themed activations. If you want a shape distinctly your own, you can opt for a die-cut or kiss-cut design.

  • Go bold with color – You want your custom stickers to immediately grab attention wherever they’re stuck on – laptops, products, or even walls. The easiest way to achieve this is using bold colors, such as red, orange, teal,

  • Make sure its legible – Once you’ve grabbed their attention, it’s important that your custom stickers quickly communicate your message. The attention span of people gets shorter and shorter by the day so you need your message to be short, concise, and straight to the point. It has to be readable even from afar to ensure it gets digested by viewers.

Get Started With Design Templates

Browse our free sticker design templates that you can easily customize with our online design tool. Just add your logo, change the text, and make it yours. Choose from a wide selection of industry templates like political campaigns, health care, and other design styles.

Here’s how to customize stickers on the website:

Choose a design template and click Customize.

Use the design toolbar to add your own images, insert shapes and text, change colors, and more.

Click Preview, Save, and Proceed to Order once you’re done with the design.

Custom Stickers FAQs

Written by: Leslie Taylor


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mikhaella.g 5 months ago

Hi! Thank you for your question! We use different sticker materials from the ones used for general sticker application to waterproof materials. If you need the material to be waterproof, we recommend the White Vinyl Sticker - High Gloss. This is a self-adhesive waterproof vinyl. It is UV-resistant, the thickest and most durable sticker material which makes it best for outdoor exposure.

Please provide us with the full specifications of your potential order so we can get you a quote. You can submit a custom quote request here: https://module.nextdayflyers.com/secure/custom-printing-quote

Cyrelle 7 months ago
Hi Rami, Thank you for your question. All of our stickers have permanent adhesive and may last for months. We recommend 4 mil white vinyl stickers if you need waterproof stickers. Please take note that we can't guarantee that stickers won't leave residue on the surface once you take them away. Feel free to give us a call for samples and more info about our stickers.
Skye 9 months ago
Hi Danielle, Thank you for reaching out. For the number of stickers in a roll. We do not guarantee the number of stickers, unfortunately. We can request it be customized with our custom team if you need a certain number of stickers per roll. Thanks,
Skye 9 months ago
Hi Shontele, Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we only have adhesive on the back of our stickers. Thanks,
Cyrelle a year ago
Hi J, The only water-resistant sticker we have is the vinyl and this is High Gloss. This may not be best for writing, though if you will be using a permanent marker or a sharpie, you may need to give it time to dry properly so that it won't smudge.
Cyrelle a year ago
Hi there, Thank you for choosing Next Day Flyers as your printing partner. We have a wide selection of stickers available on the site that would perfectly match your need. We have a variety of indoor and outdoor adhesives for you to choose the right kind of label for your brand. Individually cut labels offer two (2) options: 70 lb. label material is perfect for indoor use. It comes in a natural glossy finish, but you can choose between matte and high-gloss UV coating for added protection. White vinyl material is very durable and works well for products exposed to heat, water, and outdoor elements. Use white vinyl on water bottles, medicinal products, and even computer labels. Roll labels have three (3) options: White premium sticker paper is a popular choice for indoor applications. This pressure-sensitive adhesive comes in a semi-gloss finish, but you can top it off with more gloss or a muted matte coating. Biaxially oriented polypropylene or BOPP material has the same properties as plastic, which makes it oil-resistant and waterproof. Great for food and product packaging that you’ll need to refrigerate. BOP custom bottle labels using waterproof, oil- and chemical-resistant white, clear, silver metallic, and rainbow holographic BOPP. Your BOPP choice will depend on your preferred finish for the label design: white for a solid background, clear for that see-through effect, and silver metallic for a foil-like appearance. Estate adhesive paper material comes uncoated with a natural texture. This is widely used for wine bottles and products with elegant designs. Feel free to check our custom labels here: https://www.nextdayflyers.com/label-printing/custom-labels
Cyrelle 2 years ago
Skye 2 years ago
Hi! Thank you for your question! We use different sticker materials from the ones used for general sticker application to the waterproof materials. Please let us know of what the sticker is for so we can recommend the best material we have for you! Should you want to check the different sticker materials we print your orders on, you can request for a sample kit for free here: https://module.nextdayflyers.com/sample-kit
Skye 2 years ago
Hi! Thank you for your question! We can print custom die cut stickers that will fit your needs and your artwork will definitely be secured as we do not provide our client's artwork without verifying your account. Please provide us the full specifications of your potential order so we can get you a quote. You can submit a custom quote request here: https://module.nextdayflyers.com/secure/custom-printing-quote
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