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Tips on Creating a Successful Event Marketing Print Campaign

Recently updated on January 20th, 2018 at 12:58 am

Posters, postcards, and booklets are the holy-trinity of promotional print products for event marketers. They each represent an essential element of a successful event marketing campaign. You will find these products fundamentally important when promoting events such as concerts, club nights, and movie premieres. The most effective campaigns incorporate all three of these products in one united campaign.

The following example of a particularly good event marketing campaign shows you how to keep a clear design consistency and strong marketing message throughout your own event marketing campaign. The project by talented designer, Hunter Langston, for the Detroit International Film Festival, is a fine example of strong design and clear design consistency.

Breakdown of Multi-piece Event Marketing Campaign

Poster Design

film festival poster

The poster for this film festival is so eye-catching with vivid yellow, red, white, and black color scheme. The white text on yellow background is not a typical color combination but works really well in this instance. The designer has done a fantastic job of ensuring enough contrast to keep the text easily readable. There is a simple but effective use of image and text – the font choice, image choice, and layout give this poster a cool retro feel.

The French language headline (cinema in the city) positions this poster as an international affair. For those people who are not so hip and cosmopolitan, the designer has ensured that rest of the copy explains what the festival is about and where it’s at.

Flyer/Postcard Mailer Design

When creating these mailers, the designer has used well-known lines from beloved movies to appeal to movie-goers. The font, color choices, and design simplicity echoes that of the poster. But rather than simply repeating the design of the poster, the designer has created pure text ads that appeal to the viewers knowledge of film and culture.

Even though this print piece is very different from the poster design, they work in perfect harmony; simple but bold and effective.Note that the designer has optimized the design for mailing by dividing the design into two clear sections with marketing message on the left and postal section on the right to include stamp and address spaces. It makes sense to design your mailers like this from a design point-of-view, but it is also important to design in this manner for postal regulation standards.

Booklets/Event Programs

film festival booklet

film festival booklet

film festival booklet

Event programs are an essential piece of an event marketing print strategy. They are not only a practical print item to surface all the essential info and calendar of events, but they can also add real value to your campaign through marketing messages, links to websites, and box office contact numbers.

This particular event program shares the same colors, fonts, and design sensibility as the poster and mailers. The fantastic typography has been used in a simple layout that utilizes the same red, black, yellow, and white color choices as the designer presented in his other marketing pieces. The font is clear and the spacing is easy-to-read with lots of white (negative) space. There’s no clutter and there’s nothing fighting for space. I especially like the way the designer has flipped the direction of the event calendar at the foot of the booklet to give it a fresh and original look.

When designing and conceptualizing this event campaign, the designer did a fantastic job to ensure that the visuals were consistent across the three formats. He wisely didn’t use the exact same layout or design but ensured there was a common thread with consistent design, voice, and message. In this way, the designer has avoided confusion and the look of a disjointed campaign.

Optimizing event campaigns for web

It seems that the Detroit International Film Festival was strictly an offline campaign. For your own marketing efforts, you should consider using the following elements to optimize your prints for online sales:

  • A small space on your mailers, posters, and booklets could feature a QR code that users can scan with their phone for more information about the event or even go straight to a link to buy tickets online
  • A mailer, poster or booklet is the perfect opportunity to invite attendees to RSVP on a social network like Facebook or follow a link to buy tickets online. Place your Facebook icon and link address on the print pieces
  • Make sure you use the available space on your print promotions for any websites, contacts, and box office phone numbers associated with your event. Don’t miss an opportunity for a customer to find out more or order tickets

Good luck when creating your event campaigns. Upload your poster, booklet, and mailer prints at NextDayFlyers and make exceptional quality print pieces.

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  2. Hi Joe,

    The answer is “yes” but only as a custom order. Here is a link to our custom quote request form. Fill it out with details of your project (describe your project in the “special instructions” box) and someone will get beck to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call our custom quote hotline on 800-932-5813. Hope this helps.

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