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Got New Product Ideas? Share Your Feedback Now For 10% Off Your Next Printing Order

Derrick Josten, New Products Manager
Meet Derrick Josten, New Products Manager at NextDayFlyers

Hello NDF blog readers! My name is Derrick Josten and I am the New Products Manager at NextDayFlyers. Big things are happening here and as the newest member of the team, I’m excited to share a few updates with you. First though, a bit about me!

I come to NextDayFlyers with over 11 years experience as a web product manager under my belt. This means I’ve dedicated my career to come up with new ways to make customers’ lives easier – whether by launching a more intuitive website, developing new products and services or implementing new procedures to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

The NextDayFlyers Mission

Every business has a purpose, and at NextDayFlyers we have a customer-centric purpose – to bring about positive change in the world by getting the message out exactly as intended and at precisely the right time. I look forward to helping us passionately pursue and meet our purpose of providing customers with superior products and services that get the job done. As we build upon our commitment to provide you with the best service and highest-quality products possible, we are devoting more resources to ensuring customers have a superior experience every time they do business with us. On that note, I am excited to get to know our customers and find out how we can do a better job of serving you.

NextDayFlyers Print Products
A selection of NextDayFlyers print products.

Tell Us About The Products and Services You Want and Get 10% Off Your Next Order

If you’ve been a NextDayFlyers customer for any period of time, you should know we always welcome feedback from our valued customers on every aspect of our business – from the products and services we offer down to our website and customer care process – and while you are always welcome to submit feedback on anything you like, today we’d like to ask you a special question:

If you could have a new product, service, feature or tool from NextDayFlyers, what would it be?

Whether you have an idea for a product you wish we would offer, a service that would help streamline the way you do business, or a tool or feature you want to be added to our website, we want to know!

Email your ideas now to to receive your 10% off coupon.

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