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Six Ways Creative Professionals Promote Themselves with Pinterest

Recently updated on November 21st, 2017 at 01:14 am

By now, you’re probably well aware of Pinterest. If you’re in need of a quick primer, then here’s how it works:

Pinterest allows users to “collect” their favorite things – everything from recipes to cars to design inspiration. They can then organize these favorite things using image-based pinboards. Other users can re-pin or “Like” these images that link back to the original website where the image is hosted – driving more traffic to the original sources. In fact, Pinterest has referred 3.6% more visitors than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined, according to numerous online news sites.

But the site isn’t just for virtual collectors – it’s also a great way for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios. With pinboard categories like photography, print & posters, design, art, hair & beauty and more, it’s easy to expose your work.

The following is a list of tips on how to promote yourself using Pinterest:

We've pinned posters, business cards, and infographics that have inspired the NextDayFlyers team.
We’ve pinned posters, business cards, and infographics that have inspired the NextDayFlyers team.


1. Describe Yourself and Your Work In Your Bio

Pinterest is a minefield for inspiration, and users often use it to search for photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, stylists or other creative individuals with a distinctive style. Make it simple for people to find your photos or design work by describing who you are and what you do.

2. Categorize Your Work For Easy Reference

It’s a good idea to organize your work to show your style and creative capabilities. If you’re a photographer, for example, create separate pinboards for the types of subjects or events you shoot. For graphic designers, there are several ways to organize your work: if you’ve helped create a client’s brand identity across business cards, letterhead, brochures or other printed materials, you’ll want to consider organizing your work by campaign, design style, type of product, medium (web vs. print), or industry. If you’re a fashion stylist, hair stylist or make-up artist, try creating different boards for editorial, hair, beauty, and other subjects.

3. Caption It!

Your work isn’t finished once you pin! Be sure to add a caption to your photos and provide a little information about the image. If you have a client that uses Pinterest, don’t forget to mention them in the description by using the “@” symbol, followed by their username (you’ll need to “Follow” them first before you can do so.) They’ll appreciate the shout-out and may even re-pin it. For intermediate users, add hashtags with the “#” symbol – like #graphicdesign, #weddingphotography, or #posterdesign – followed by a short description (no spaces). It’ll help users searching for a specific topic find your work.

NextDayFlyers' "Prints We Like" Pinterest Board
Here are a few cool and well-designed prints we’ve pinned to our “Prints We Like” board.


Close-up of one of our likes!


4. Share What Inspires You

All work and no play makes for a dull Pinner! There are millions of ways to find inspiration on Pinterest, and it’s a great resource for any creative individual. Are you a graphic designer? Share concert or event posters that have inspired you! If you’re a fashion designer, share your sketches, design collections, and mood boards. You might also consider sharing recent editorials or runway looks that you’re planning. Think of your audience and share images they might find interesting, regardless if they are related to your work. When you use the site both professionally and personally, you’re also giving your clients and followers a little insight into your own interests and creativity.

Interact with other pinners! Comment on content you find interesting.
Interact with other pinners! Comment on content you find interesting.

5. Return the Favor and Follow Back

Got new fans or followers? Great! Return the favor and follow them back. Engaging with your followers shows the interest is mutual. If you like what they post, show it by liking, re-pinning and commenting on their pins.

6. Make Your Website Pin-able

If you’ve got a blog or professional website, add a “Pin It” button wherever you host images or examples of your work. Pinterest’s “Goodies” section includes buttons and HTML code you can use on your site(s). For WordPress-based websites, you may use a plug-in to add buttons to your posts or pages. With these plug-ins installed, it will be easy for your website visitors to pin your designs or images to their Pinterest boards.

Are you a designer, photographer or other creative individual who’s had your work printed by NextDayFlyers? Share it with us on Pinterest by including #nextdayflyers in your pin’s description! You may even be included on a board dedicated to the work of our customers! Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest, too.

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