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Discover the Centuries Old Fonts You are Still Using Today

The following fonts are close derivations of the original punch cut letterforms and print press font styles that fed printing presses in the 14th Century and beyond. When you next use these fonts, I hope they give you the added sense of tradition and history that these beautiful letters bring to your designs and messages.…

Learn to Write Better Brand Headlines Using the Greatest Advertising Slogans of All Time!

We have broken down some of the greatest slogans of all time and tried to explain why they are so enduring as brand statements. Use these incredible slogan examples to create your own brand statements and start building your own memorable and long-lasting identity.…

Copywriting Inspiration: 10 Places on the Web and Beyond!

Where do you get your writing ideas from? Hopefully, they come from deep within your noggin. However, the mind of a writer needs feeding and the following sites include some of the best writing ideas, packaging writing, creative writing prompts, and blog writing examples you’ll find anywhere.…

Logo Re-branding Review – The Biggest Companies Who Re-branded in 2012

2012 was the year of major brand redesign. Some of the worlds biggest brands like eBay and Microsoft ditched their familiar images for straighter, simpler, and more serious versions of their previous looks. In this post we will review some of these logo designs and track the overall trend of a cleaner and more graphically adaptable brand that company’s are taking through-the-line.…

Copy Chat: Humor in Advertising

Many of the most memorable advertising campaigns have been humorous. Over the years, countless advertisers have used this strategy to attract customers. Audiences want to be entertained, not subjected to a hard sell. People pay attention to humorous commercials because it makes them comfortable. This makes them let down their guard –leaving them open to be influenced.

Copy Chat: A Lesson From Legend Claude C. Hopkins

Recently updated on October 18th, 2017 at 12:00 am

As one of the greatest copywriters in the history of advertising, Claude C. Hopkins made a lasting impact on the way advertising is created. At the same time he brought great success to his clients and earned himself an unparalleled salary of $185,000 a year, in 1907!