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Month: February 2014

10 Recent Marketing Campaigns That Set the Internet Ablaze!

The world of viral marketing often starts at YouTube and ends with entire websites, Facebook pages, Twitter posts, Tumblr sites, apps, and other channels devoted to the love of these ideas and to the possibility of becoming popular on the backs of these ideas. This blog post covers 10 of the most recent Internet phenomenons that set the web ablaze in an eruption of shares and tweets. …

Learn to Write Better Brand Headlines Using the Greatest Advertising Slogans of All Time!

We have broken down some of the greatest slogans of all time and tried to explain why they are so enduring as brand statements. Use these incredible slogan examples to create your own brand statements and start building your own memorable and long-lasting identity.…

15 FREE Modern Deco Fonts – The Absolute Best New Art Deco Designs

Deco fonts are tight, clean, and geometrically pleasing. This typo-style is still celebrated in the magazines, posters, flyers, and prints today, and many modern graphic artists are hugely influenced by the font pioneers of the ’30s. The following Art Deco designs represent 15 of the absolute best new deco-inspired fonts available online for free.…