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Copywriting Inspiration: 10 Places on the Web and Beyond!

Where do you get your writing ideas from? Hopefully, they come from deep within your noggin. However, the mind of a writer needs feeding and the following examples include some of the best writing ideas, packaging writing, creative writing prompts, and blog writing examples you’ll find anywhere:

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1.       Pinterest for Writers

Pinterest is well known for being the online mood board for many designers, chefs, interior decorators, craft communities, and fashion designers. But it’s also a great source for writers too. There are many boards in many niche copy groups, like advertising, copywriting, product copy, marketing copy, poetry, headlines, etc. You can spend hours on Pinterest, filling your head with a myriad of little soundbytes and clever lines.


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2.       Men with Pens

When you land on this site, you’re guaranteed to get specific information on writing. With a casual but expertly crafted tone, James Chartrand (who is actually a woman) writes with great intelligence on creative writing, marketing, publishing, small business writing, freelancing, and everything in-between.


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3.       Living Social Emails

As a writer, if you haven’t signed up for Living Social emails, then you should. Not so much for the deals but for the superb daily deal descriptions; funny, charming, and full of personality, it is conversational marketing copy at its best.


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4.       Innocent Drinks Labels

If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK, you can buy Innocent Drinks cartons for the sheer pleasure of reading the playful and ingenious packaging copy. From obscure copy about space monkeys to puzzles and poetry, the copy is a sheer delight. The rest of us will have to make do with getting copy inspired on their website that has amazingly smart and witty copy throughout.


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5.       Ads of the World

Ads of the World is probably your best online resource for ad copy. Filled with only the very best TV, radio, print and online commercials, it’s a real goldmine of inspiration


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6.       Trader Joes Fearless Flyer

Every time I’m in Trader Joes, I pick one of their flyers up and you should too if you like genuinely funny copy that is both goofy and brilliant. It’s one of the best resources if you want to create laugh-out-loud marketing copy that people like to read.


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7.       27b/6

If you’re looking for funny and edgy writing ideas, then 27b/6 is essential reading. The writing is wonderfully irreverent and always hysterical. Writer, David Thorne is a total rock star of the blogging world whose pranks and shenanigans are recorded with writing brilliance.


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8.       The Oatmeal Comics

The Oatmeal is the brainchild of Matthew Inman who writes comic books that explore writing, grammar, movies, and everything else of cultural interest. His copy is sharp, witty, and massively useful as a source or creative writing inspiration.


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9.       Marketing Experiments

If you need some tried and tested marketing copy strategies for homepages, emails, ppc campaigns and other conversation copy, Marketing Experiments offers you some great video presentation insights and breakdowns on how to write copy for web pages. This is not a lesson in creative writing but it is a superb lesson in writing structured and tactical web copy.


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10.   Woot!

Woot should not be taken seriously! That’s because they sell consumer products that should sound fun and exciting. Miles away from typical e-commerce copy, they choose to be quirky and offbeat. Woot feels very “human” when reading the site copy.

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