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Hard Hat Stickers

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Hard Hat Stickers for Branded Gear

In construction, manufacturing, and other industries that require safety equipment, stickers do more than adorn your gear.

With hard hat stickers, you can print any design to help others know the company that is handling the project, which employee is trained and qualified for certain tasks and equipment, and can even boost your visibility at night.

At NextDayFlyers, it’s easy to print stickers for hard hats in customizable sizes, shapes, and materials. Choose between individually cut or roll format.

Our stickers can withstand wear and tear from exposure to chemicals and extreme temperature, so you can be sure that they stay intact for a long time. From waterproof BOPP material to reflective hard hat sticker vinyl, these adhesives work just as hard as you do.

Print cool hard hat stickers and add some personality. Upload your company logo or your own design on the website to get started. If you don’t have a layout yet, we also offer free design templates you can customize and edit on our website.

Design and Print Hard Hat Stickers Online

Here’s how to design stickers from scratch on our online design tool.

Step 1. On the product page, click Design Online. This leads you to the templates page where you can choose from dozens of customizable sticker designs.

Step 2. You can filter sticker designs by size and style. Click Customize on your chosen design.

Step 3. You will be redirected to the online design tool. Use the toolbar to search and upload images, add text, and change colors.

Step 4. When you’re done, you can either save your design or click Proceed to Checkout.


What’s the difference between individually cut and roll stickers?
Both sticker formats come with different materials, size options, and application types. Individually cut or cut-to-size labels are pre-cut and delivered in stacks, while roll labels come in a cardboard spool that fits most dispensers, which is suitable for faster application.

How do I properly apply hard hat stickers?
Step 1. Position your sticker on your preferred area. Make sure the surface you’ll be applying on is clean, dry, and flat to avoid trapping dirt and air bubbles underneath.

Step 2. Peel off half of the sticker and apply. Once it’s is properly positioned, peel off the backing, and carefully push the rest of the sticker onto the surface.

Tip: Prevent air bubbles and wrinkles by pressing down on the center of the sticker first, then gently working your way to the sides.

Does OSHA allow hard hat stickers?
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not explicitly prohibit the use of adhesive stickers on hard hats. However, the employer and worker should regularly inspect the helmet and ensure it remains in a “reliable” condition.

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