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September 17, 2016 by Thomas
“We are repeat customers, got the sales sheets this time. Always happy with quality, service and price.”
September 5, 2016 by keith
“Next Day Flyers always delivers on time with an excellent product. Every time I've ordered from them, it's looked GREAT!”
July 26, 2016 by Carmina
“I ordered flyers for our stone countertop program and we just received them. We are super happy with the quality. We are going to impress our customers!”
February 9, 2016 by vidguy
“Great Service, Great Quality, Great Price, Great Free Shipping! Wow. I have been customer for a long time and the products are always consistently great print quality. I'm always impressed!”
January 6, 2016 by Steve R
“I have been doing business with NextDayFlyers for years. My sales representative, Alver Ramos has always provided exceptional customer service and has gone the extra mile to assure that all of my orders are completed perfectly. I recommend them to everyone asks me about printing. If you want good printing, quick, at a reasonable price, with good customer service - always use NextDayFlyers.”

Sell Sheet Printing for Business, Property, and Product Promotion

Similar to how business cards are used to present an individual, a sell sheet is used to present your business. They are an essential tool to your sales strategy as they are a single sheet that presents your business to current and future customers. Just as you shouldn’t go to a meeting without a business card, you shouldn’t introduce yourself to the world without a sell sheet!

When looking to print sell sheets, you want to go with a printer that will produce a high-quality product that will add value to the information that you included in your sell sheet. People always mention how important it is to make a good first impression, how a first impression can make or break whether a customer trusts your business to meet their needs. When you order your sell sheets on any of our available paper choices, you can be positive that every impression you make will be a good impression.


  • Full-color sell sheets on both sides offer twice the value.
  • Each order is individually inspected with unrivaled quality control standards.
  • Sell sheets come with a UV coating or classy matte finish.
  • Choose the size that best fits your budget and needs.
  • Print sell sheets on 70 lb. (uncoated), 80 lb. or 100 lb. economical paper stock or on 10 pt., 14 pt., or 16 pt. ultra-thick cardstock.
  • Four coating options to choose from: uncoated, matte, gloss, and high-gloss UV.
  • Same-day printing available.

Marketing Tips

Are you a new business owner looking to introduce your business to the area and build interest for your retail store grand opening? Whether it is a clothing boutique, restaurant, or real estate agency, a sell sheet is a guaranteed method to build interest for your store. Renting a mailing list and mailing sell sheets to your targeted audience in anticipation for your grand opening will create the attention you are looking for. Customers that are known to have interests in services similar to the ones you offer with a vibrant four color sell sheet will build an excellent first impression of your business and surely make your grand opening festivities a success!

If you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler that wants to highlight the products you offer in a single easy-to-reference document, it is highly recommended that you print sell sheets for your clients. Nowadays, your product lines are probably constantly changing and growing, and it may not be possible to release multiple catalogs throughout the year whenever a change is made. With a sell sheet you can highlight your biggest seller and newest additions. At such an affordable price, you can send your clients an updated sell sheet multiple times a year to ensure that they stay informed about the changes that are occurring in your business.

Sales sheets also work great when grouped with other printed products. For example, as a real estate agent, you can group your sell sheet with your business card and place them inside a presentation folder. This gives your clients a package that contains all the important information they need to know about your agency.

Sell sheets are amazing tools because you fit all the important information that customers need to know about your business on a single page. Your customers will be able to use it as a reference guide for things such as pricing, important dates, and contact information. They work great for mailing to a targeted mailing list or for handing out at your store. You’ll be ecstatic at how informed your customers will be in regards to your products and services!

What are the essential elements of creating a sell sheet?

It should contain the following:

  • Your logo and product name
  • A catchy headline
  • Intro paragraph
  • High-resolution product pictures (including product SKU numbers)
  • Benefits backed by data
  • Contact info and a call-to-action

Despite being a technical document, a sell sheet should still contain a concise headline and a call-to-action. The intro paragraph should provide a succinct summary of the information about the products and services. The bulk of it should contain the specifications of your product or service, and if possible, comparative data against your competitors. Finally,it should give your potential client information about your company, particularly your contact details.

A sell sheet may be more technical and informative than a flyer or brochure, but that doesn’t mean design is just a second thought. When designed properly, it can become a virtual tour of your product or services. Use the large space provided by the flat sheet to create a design consistent with your product and your company.

Here is an example of a sell sheet designed with a great deal of thought toward layout copy and messaging.


Notice that it has a headline, an opening paragraph talking about the company, and most importantly, relevant information summarized into graphs, and pictures to help the viewer navigate the information easily.

Just like the example, you should include a single product or a single family of products. This would enable the potential customer to focus and read detailed data about the product. The bulleted form highlighted the essential information and made it easy-to-read.

Finally, the designer has done a great job of including picture examples of how the product looks and the ways in which it can be used. It goes without saying that a company with multiple products to sell would illustrate each item with a corresponding picture. However, ALL company sell sheets should try to include some relevant images to break up the copy elements and to make the overall piece more interesting for the viewer. Use pictures of your staff in action, customers enjoying your products, or your products in action to communicate something unique about your company.

When should I use a sell sheet?

While the flyer or brochure can provide a brief overview of your product and service, a sell sheet can give a more in-depth approach to marketing a product. Technical products such as equipment or software can greatly benefit from this format as well. Real estate services can also take advantage of it, especially if it includes comparative data between competitors.

It can be a persuasive part of a marketing plan, especially for customers who are on the fence and want to know more about the product. It is also useful for press releases where reporters and content creators need specific details for factual reporting. Finally, you can give them to potential distributors and store owners who would be interested in putting it on their shelves.

Great! I’d like to make my own.

Before you start your project, here are links to two sizes of blank templates to ensure that you design with the right file specs:

8.5”x11” Sell Sheet

9”x12” Sell Sheet

Or alternately, you can design yours online:

Online 8.5”x11” Sell Sheet

Create one with us at NextDayFlyers! Check out our sell sheet printing for more information.

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