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Spot UV Sell Sheets

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Spot UV Sell Sheets

Print spot UV sell sheets, which are also called sales sheets, to attract the attention of potential customers. Use them to showcase properties, stores, restaurants, and more. The spot UV coating enhances your artwork in a few ways:

  • Highlights messaging or text.
  • Creates a textured background.
  • Makes your logo pop.

You can display spot UV sell sheets on tables at trade shows, on the reception counter at your business, or near the store cashier. You can also place them inside folders as part of your sales kits.

Add spot UV sell sheets to your marketing arsenal today. They’re an incredibly effective marketing tool because they educate customers and promote your brand at the same time.

Make Your Brand Shine With Spot UV Coating

Spot UV sell sheets are a premium marketing tool that grabs attention, informs customers, and helps generate sales. We offer features to make your custom sell sheets shine and stand out:

  • Printed on durable 14 pt. or 16 pt. cardstock for a professional look.
  • Full-color printing to reinforce your brand. Be sure to include a call to action and contact information.
  • Protect your cardstock with coating on both sides. Choose gloss for an extra shiny look or matte for a subdued, elegant touch against the spot UV's glow.
  • Size choices ranging from 6” x 8” to 12” x 15”. Our most popular is 8 ½” x 11”.

Spot UV File Preparation Guidelines

What are the best design practices for spot UV printing?

  • Limit the text’s font size to a minimum of 7 or 8 points.
  • Border and stroke should be above 1.5 points.
  • Place a 1/16” gap between spot UV and metallic or foil printing areas. The spot UV areas cannot overlap with the metallic or foil printing sections.

How should I prepare my file for spot UV printing?

Your regular color file should come with a spot UV template layer that shows where to apply the spot UV printing.

Apply 100% K to the section that will have spot UV.

Color all other areas without spot UV as white.

A normal CMYK layer


A layer for spot UV


The final printed product

Need a Layout Template?

Download any of the sell sheet layout templates available. We recommend downloading the Adobe Illustrator template for fast and easy preparation of the spot UV section in your file.

Vector File Preparation for Spot UV

  1. Download the template below and open it in Adobe Illustrator application.
  2. Open the Layers Window to see Guides and Area for Foil/Spot UV.
  3. Start creating your artwork. Ensure it’s being created in the layer named as, “Your Artwork Here”.
  4. All design elements that need to be in Foil or Spot UV should be placed on a separate layer.
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